Monday, October 14, 2013

HALLOWEEN: Verizon Commercial 2013

I realize I'm not sharing much Halloween stuff this year, but I had to sing the praises of this Verizon commercial. Not only is it a Halloween commercial, it's a Star Wars Halloween commercial! That just makes me exceedingly happy. I'm sure I'm just remembering this through the prism of being a kid, but I feel like there used to be more Halloween-themed commercials. I don't see many anymore--instead I see commercials with hipsters enjoying pumpkin spiced everything. And that's cool; I'm sure some people love having their donuts and coffee taste like Yankee Candles. But I also like to see the costumes and the trick-or-treating and the suburbs and the Halloween I loved as a kid. This commercial brought it all back and did it with a Star Wars flourish. I dig this. This is a commercial I'll stop forwarding on the DVR for. It's cute.

That baby-carrier alone is amazing.

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