Saturday, October 12, 2013

Brief TV Report

:: I was going to write a whole thing about Saturday Night Live, but do you really need me to tell you it's bad? Two boring, underwritten episodes so far, a bunch of new indistinguishable white dudes in the cast, nothing much to say on anything topical, and Kenan Thompson salvaging some laughs out of the worst sketches. That's pretty much the last several years of the show, so these comments are all pretty generic. I'm gladder than glad that Fred Armisen and Jason Sudeikis are gone, but who are the standouts going to be now? It's up for grabs. That's the only thing interesting going on. That, and I'm interested to see how Cecily Strong is going to do on Update. She can't be worse than Seth Meyers without Amy.

:: I decided to just drop Revenge and Castle. I just wasn't looking forward to them anymore, and I feel impatient, so maybe I'll catch up one day.

:: Still waiting for The Michael J. Fox Show to figure out what its whole deal is. I love the guy, but this might be a wash.

:: Did they actually plan anything they were going to do this season on How I Met Your Mother? Because all of that business on Monday's episode probably would have eaten up about five hours, but they're still 50-some hours from the wedding, and it's going to get obnoxiously stupid real fast. And the character interaction logistics are just too complicately stupid for me to go into. (Seriously, Barney's brother isn't even at the card game? What?) I wonder how much cash Jason Segel is taking home this season. I know he was the one holding out who didn't really want to come back. He seems to have done the smart thing: held out for more money and forced them to write his character in a way where he had more time off and didn't have to go to rehearsals very much. Marshall on the iPad came across as more engaged with the show than Segel's been in years. Probably because he could do the whole thing in an hour sitting in a chair. I miss his presence, but I admire how canny he is, basically saying, Hey, if you want me to do one more season of this thing, I'll do it, but you're gonna pay me and you're gonna accept my terms. Good for him. It's not like the show's doing his career any favors right now.

:: I liked everything on the American Horror Story pilot except for the teen witches and their little witch school. I've been a fan of this show long enough to know that it gets better when the various elements start crossing into one another, but so far it's like disaffected X-Men with okay-I-get-it-already-first-year-in-women's-studies-overt-vagina-magic symbolism. I love everything else, though.

:: Loved loved loved Sam Elliott on Parks and Recreation. In my head there's an alternate version of this show where Rashida Jones is already gone and Sam Elliott and Kristen Bell are on every week.

:: I tried, Hello Ladies, but I guess I just don't care. Have a good run. Without me, though.


Kelly Sedinger said...

This season's start to CASTLE is another example of where I think the writers are sometimes hamstrung by the demands and structures of network teevee. They clearly wanted to explore the tensions of Beckett and Castle living in different cities, and their investigative teamwork being on a much different footing, but they also had to incorporate the NYC squad in some way, which made for a bit of unconvincing shoehorning together of disparate story elements. If the goal is to get Beckett back to the NYPD, then fine...but best, probably, to just not have any of the old squad appear at all until that happens. I have a feeling if CASTLE was a cable show, where showrunners have a lot more latitude in things like this, it would have worked better. (Similar to the whole "drive a wedge between them" a couple seasons back, simply because they reached the point where the only logical next step was the declaration of love, five episodes before the season finale, which network teevee demands is the kind of thing that can ONLY happen in a season finale.)

I'm still enjoying the show, however.

Devilham said...

have you seen Brooklyn 911 yet? I ask because you don't mention it in this series of posts, and while I cannot recommend the show (it is AWFUL), since I am a fan of your writing I was curious as to how you would castigate the show. Bottom line, don't watch it as it's terrible, but if you do, please be as scathing as possible!

SamuraiFrog said...

Haha! No,I hadn't planned on watching it. I tend to be (perhaps unfairly, though maybe not in this case) dismissive of TV series when they're on Fox.