Sunday, September 08, 2013

Winding Down

I figure I'll write a longer post tomorrow about my experiences at the wedding, but suffice to say I did pretty well and didn't break down or screw up. It was a long couple of days, and I am mentally, emotionally and especially physically exhausted. But everything's worked out, and I'm feeling pretty good. I'm really glad I did it.

I'll fill you in a bit tomorrow. Actually, it'll probably be a damn long post. But today's just going to be winding down and relaxing.

Thanks everyone who has commented recently with messages of support and well-wishing. It means a lot to have people take the time to say things like that, and every one of your comments just helped me build that certainty in my mind that I could go out and do what I did.

I feel pretty darn good.


But darn good.


Some Guy said...

Excellent! Looking forward to hearing more about it.

Yasmin said...

I'm glad to hear that!

Roger Owen Green said...

As they say on Facebook, LIKE.

Kelly Sedinger said...

No power in the 'Verse can stop you! (I know, you don't like Firefly. I'm quoting it anyway.)