Monday, September 16, 2013

Miss America

I'm really sorry that a person of color can't do anything notable in this country without yet another of the internet's racist outpourings. Nina Davuluri was the first ever Indian-American to win the Miss America pageant, so of course she gets subjected to racist comments on Twitter because she's not white.

It's disgusting. She should be celebrating, not fielding a backlash of people who incorrectly think she's a Muslim, incorrectly think India had anything to do with 9/11, and incorrectly think that she shouldn't be Miss America because she's not white.

I don't really want to get into a discussion about this, because there shouldn't be one. There is not a single comment I've seen today that I can take seriously, because it all boils down to her not being white enough to represent America. I've yet to see one comment to the effect that they just don't like Nina or that they liked another contestant better, except for some idiots who think some other woman should have won because she was white, blonde, and liked guns.

What the hell do you idiots think this country is supposed to be about?

You make me sick. Grow the fuck up.

Let me head off any potential comments: if you're going to defend racist attacks, you're an idiot and you are uninvited from my blog. Don't read it anymore, and don't comment on it, because I'm just going to either delete it or talk about how fucking stupid you are.

Sorry, but I'm just so goddamn disappointed.


Roger Owen Green said...

Unsurprising. Welcome to post-racial America.

Tallulah Morehead said...

I was amused by one douchebag at Fox News who said the "Liberal" Miss America judges didn't choose Miss Kansas because she represented "Real American Values". Those values would be racism, bigotry, ignorance, guns for everyone, and idiocy. The thing is, liberals tend to find the entire idea of beauty pageants appalling. Not likely to find a lot of "Liberals" judging - or watching - or giving a shit about - a Miss America pageant.

DrGoat said...

Ignorance, hatred, stupidity and arrogance. They will eventually drag civilization down and leave it there. Unbelievable stupidity.