Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ender's Game Sounds Terrible

I want to recommend again the series of Ender's Game recaps Tom Foss is doing at Fortress of Soliloquy. The newest installment is astounding, and I had to pull this whole paragraph:

It's a very white heterosexual male privilege utopia, the world of Ender's Game. Everyone just accepts that women don't belong in positions of power or the military, because biology. Everyone just speaks the same language in the same way, except the French, and it's not imperialism but sensibility--obviously everyone just adopts the most superior language, English, probably with a homogenized midwestern accent. But while the French are nasty rebels for clinging to their accents, Ender's parents are heroic rebels for clinging to their religious beliefs, because the only artifacts of culture that matter are things like religious traditions that white culture values. Homosexuality only exists as an insult, a sinister taint that people can be accused of (especially those effete French, attracting people with their exotic accents), because deviation from a masculine ideal is unconscionable. Racial divisions no longer matter, because we've gotten rid of the political correctness that makes people feel guilty when they say racist things, and minorities finally just learned to be cool with racial slurs.

I probably shouldn't be surprised that Orson Scott Card--of all people--would introduce anti-gay bigotry and casual racism in his novel about a sociopath who's really good at video games advancing the cause of imperialism, but still, there's some pretty shocking stuff going on in here. Once again, I've never actually read Ender's Game, and just based on Foss' posts, I'm really glad I haven't, and it kind of makes me question anyone over the age of 14 who told me I should read it.

(On a separate note: Carl told me recently how much he had enjoyed reading my series of Twilight recaps back in 2009--wow, has it really been that long?--and suggested I do one now for 50 Shades of Grey, which I feel is at once a fun and a horrifying idea.)


M. D. Jackson said...

I honestly don't know where Foss is getting that stuff. You should read the book and judge for yourself. Borroiw it from a library if you don't want to line Card's Pockets. Card's beliefs, as problematic as they are, do not actually spill into the book the way that Foss suggests. He is doing a disservice by suggesting that Ender's Game is as homophobic as Card purportedly is. Foss is exaggerating in regards to the book, if not outright fibbing.

Read it for yourself and see.

randm said...

I've only read this of Card's novels and stories, and while Card's beliefs are loathsome, the novel itself is not.

If you're curious about the book, I would second M. D. Jackson's suggestion that you borrow it from the local library rather than judge it from Foss' critiques.

Autumn said...

I highly recommend Ender's Game and Ender's Shadow. Maybe this stuff really is in there, but the book is not saturated in it like this person implies, and it's really enjoyable. I actually find a few of his books very enjoyable, I also recommend Enchatment, which is a lovely sort of modern retelling of Sleeping Beauty.

Tallulah Morehead said...

I recommend boycotting all of Card's work, and the movie that's coming, which Harrison Ford should be ashamed to be part of. I will never read any book of his, and friends of mine would be ill-advised to tell me if they see the movie. This vile shithole and his work should be SHUNNED!

(Card is, after all, a Mormon, and "shunning" is a fine old, Mormon tradition. My grandfather, born in Salt Lake City, with a prominent Mormon Bishop polygamist grandfather, was shunned by the Mormon church in 1922 for refusing to return to the church in which he was raised and which he had soundly rejected. Declared an unemployable pariah for the sin of thinking for himself, he had to leave the city of his birth, take his wife, my dad and his siblings, and move to California to find work. Of course, if he hadn't , my dad would never have met my mother, so I guess I owe my life to the grotesque, medaeval practices of these evil people.)

There are thousands of books out there by great writers; no need to waste one second reading this shithole's works.