Monday, August 26, 2013

Classic Rock Questionnaire

Found this on Tumblr.

1. The Beatles or The Rolling Stones? Well, I love both, but in the spirit of the questions, I'll go with the Beatles. They broke up just before their music would've gotten really tired and went off to be creative elsewhere.

2. John or Paul? John.

3. Keith or Mick? Keith.

4. Mod Beatles or Psychedelic Beatles? I really like the transition period. That sweep of albums from Help! through Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

5. Brian Jones or Mick Taylor? Brian.

6. Barrett Floyd or Waters Floyd? Waters Floyd. I really like Syd Barrett's solo albums.

7. The Who or Led Zeppelin? Though I like Zeppelin more now than I ever have, I have to pick the Who.

8. Robert Plant or Roger Daltrey? Daltrey's voice stuns me.

9. Keith Moon or John Bonham? Moon.

10. Jimmy Page or Jimi Hendrix? Hendrix.

11. The Doors or Cream? I like both, but if I have to choose one, it's the Doors. I don't like anything by either band as much as I like "Light My Fire."

12 The Stooges or The Velvet Underground? Stooges. I really only like the Velvets with Nico.

13. Lou Reed or John Cale? Cale. I really only like Lou Reed's Bowie album. John Cale has about four albums I love.

14. David Bowie or Marc Bolan? That's like choosing which eye you want to keep, but Bowie is God.

15. Bryan Ferry or Brian Eno? Eno.

16. Queen or Pink Floyd? Queen.

17. Solo Lennon or solo McCartney? Lennon, by far.

18. Ziggy Stardust or the Thin White Duke? Again, I love both eras, but there are only a few albums I love to put on and just listen to as much as The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.

19. The Runaways or the New York Dolls? Runaways. You all knew that.

20. George Harrison or Eric Clapton? George, always.

21. Patti Smith or Joan Jett? Joan.

22. Talking Heads or The Ramones? Ramones.

23. Joey Ramone or David Johansen? Joey.

24. Sex Pistols or The Clash? Pistols.

25. Johnny Rotten or Joe Strummer? Joe Strummer, just because he seemed like less of a prick.

26. Mick Jones or Steve Jones? Steve Jones. Have you heard him in interviews? He's insanely cool.

27. Bowie's Berlin albums or Iggy's Berlin albums? Gosh, though, they really sound like part of the same musical oeuvre, particularly since Bowie was so instrumental in those two Iggy albums. But for sheer listenability, I have to go with Iggy's one-two punch of The Idiot and Lust for Life.

28. Joy Division or The Smiths? Smiths.

29. Nick Cave or Robert Smith? Cave.

30. Nirvana or Guns N' Roses? Guns N' Roses. The whole grunge thing really passed me by. When it wasn't pop and folk, I was into metal. I had the first four GNR albums and used to listen to them all the time.


bliss_infinte said...

I'm about 85% with you on those answers. I actually shift my Beatles albums from Rubber Soul to Mystery Tour and I go with Mick over Keith. Lean more towards Cream over the Doors but they're both top of the pops in my book. I'm with you on Bowie but lean more towards Reed and the Velvet Underground. While I do think GNR and Nirvana both broke new ground in their respected genre, no where near my favorite in either.

DrGoat said...

I'm about the same percentage too. I like the Rubber Soul, Revolver, Mystery Tour period. I was 15 when Rubber Soul came out and we were big Beatles fans, like most of the people I hung out with. Would go with Keith over Mick big time though. Mick Taylor was a good guitarist, I gotta say.