Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Site Stuff

This weekend, I took down my old link lists and replaced them with one of those blog list widgets that update themselves. I really socialize mostly on Tumblr now and do most of my blog reading in Google Reader Feedly, so the links that were there kind of fell into decay. I was surprised at the number of inactive or just deleted sites I had linked.

I missed a few in the transfer, so if you see your blog isn't on there and you'd like it to be, just let me know, because I know I missed things. I've edited it three times because of accidental omissions. Just politely let me know "Hey, you missed me" instead of, say, being a dick in the comments.


1 comment:

Greg VA said...

I'm not there but I sure wish I was!

or my doodling blog:

Thanks for even reading this shameless - near anonymous request, but I will be adding you after I hit send.

Greg VA