Friday, July 05, 2013

Kevin Clash, Briefly

The Kevin Clash story can never have a happy ending. It just can't.

I read on Wednesday that three of the sexual abuse cases were thrown out because they exceeded the statute of limitations. This is just... I feel sick thinking about it.

First and most important of all, I think: there's a statute of limitations on molesting children? The official language is that the claims were filed "more than six years after each plaintiff reasonably should have become aware of the defendant’s alleged violations." What? Doesn't that seem... I mean, there's a lot of shame and avoidance that comes with having been abused as a child that makes telling anyone difficult, especially since you're not necessarily mature enough to go about addressing being abused legally. Some people don't want to tell anyone because they're afraid it's their fault, or because they think no one will believe them, or a myriad of reasons. Some people try to bury the trauma. How can there be a statute of limitations on something so psychologically scarring?

Second: as much as I want to believe Kevin Clash is incapable of doing these things, getting the cases thrown out on a technicality is not the same thing as actually being found not guilty, and it's pissing me off how Clash's lawyer is acting like it is.

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