Monday, July 08, 2013

I Want a New Duck (Movie)

Not that it'll ever happen, but with Lucasfilm and Marvel now owned by the same company, I am in a minority of people who want to see Howard the Duck come back to the big screen. If I were to pitch a project, it would be a Howard movie that takes place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but just a little bit to the side of it... Not an important part of, say, Phase Three or whatever, but just a bit on the outside, commenting a little on the whole enterprise, while getting meta about the forms of comics and the psychology of superheroes, much like Steve Gerber's great run. But the villain wouldn't be some world-ending threat; it would be Dr. Bong, forcing Beverly to notice him. It's not even something SHIELD would consider a real threat.

I'd want to keep the climax of the comic, too, even though Gerber didn't write the issues that resolved the storyline, with the whole Iron Duck bit and Beverly choosing Howard over Dr. Bong. I don't know, I think given the success of the Iron Man movies that the Iron Duck costume (made out of a fire hydrant) would be funny, even knowing that there are fanboys in the audience who would just absolutely hate that.

Also, I would change Bev just a little bit, and I think that would really piss some people off. I'd make her Darcy from Thor just because I want Kat Dennings to play the role. Maybe she's working with SHIELD or something, just to cement the connection that it takes place in the same universe. Investigating a weather anomaly that turns out to be Howard arriving on Earth, and then this Dr. Bong thing happens. I don't see her as an agent, but as some kind of scientist or something. I've just thought for about five years now that Kat should be in a Howard the Duck movie.

It will never, ever happen, but since we know we're getting Black Panther and Dr. Strange (and no Iron Man 4) in Phase Three, I just thought I'd throw this unattainable dream out there.


Roger Owen Green said...

Only vaguely off topic: I miss Steve Gerber and glad he got the Bill Finger award this year!

SamuraiFrog said...

I was really happy to see that, too. It seems like it was just a few minutes ago that I was so thrilled that he did that last Marvel Max wrap-up series of HTD, but it was over a DECADE ago. Oy.

Steve Gerber was a fantastic writer. He was the story editor for the original G.I. Joe series, so I've been enjoying his work even longer than I thought I had been.

david_b said...

I'd LOVE TO SEE Howard be made into a decent film.

Perhaps really dark mood/attitude, using swamps in the beginning, workin' his way out into society as everyone's reacting to him, etc..

It needs a Gerber surreal-darkness to it.