Monday, July 08, 2013

I Made Another Cake

I got a fair bit agitated again last night, and the energy needed to go somewhere instead of burning me out, so I decided to bake a cake again. Actually, it was cupcake mix, so it's a smaller cake, but I just really wanted a cake. I haven't had cake in months, so what they hey.

Yellow cake with chocolate frosting has been my favorite cake since I was a kid. My mother-in-law got us the mix on her most recent trip to the food bank. I made the frosting from a recipe I found online for buttercream frosting. At first I thought I'd made it a little too bitter (I only put in about half of the powdered sugar the recipe called for--a recipe I'd already cut in half because the cake was so small).

I started it late. The anxiety was really getting to me, so I couldn't just go to sleep. It was after midnight when the cake was done, so when it finally cooled and I frosted it, I covered it and put it in the fridge overnight.

Somehow, the cold settled the frosting a bit and it tasted a bit sweeter than it had the night before. It was a good little cake. Becca and I had a very satisfying piece of it this afternoon.

I know it's not much, really, but it makes me feel accomplished when I do these things. This is only the third time I've ever baked anything that wasn't a pizza (and then usually a frozen pizza). It makes me feel like I'm doing something constructive instead of just spiraling into my anxiety and the inevitable emotional outburst.

Feels good, man.

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