Thursday, July 25, 2013

Building a DC Cinematic Universe

I saw the news the other day that they've announced that instead of a sequel to Man of Steel, Warner Bros. is planning a Batman vs. Superman movie. Honestly, I'd rather just see a straight sequel with Henry Cavill and Amy Adams, but Warner is apparently going all-in on attempting a cinematic universe to rival Marvel's.

My first big reaction: I don't care.

If what we've seen so far is really any indication, I just don't care.

I liked Batman Begins, but I hated The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. Green Lantern was imbecilic. I liked Man of Steel, but it was not without its problems and it was just so damn long. All of these movies are so long and so bleak, and the idea of crossing over varying shades of bleakness just does not appeal to me. The problems these movies have are all the same problems that have kept me away from DC Comics: the cynicism, the decompressed storytelling, the emphasis on cool and dark over characterization, and the insistence that theme, subtext and symbolism should be overt text. I just don't care.

Also, I honestly believe we're never getting a Wonder Woman movie. They're never going to find a way to make it work. For some reason, it's accepted wisdom now that you just can't tell a story about Wonder Woman that anyone gives a shit about.

If there's a Green Lantern sequel, it'll probably be a different Lantern. It should be John Stewart, so hopefully they won't mess that up too badly like they did the last one. They won't have Ryan Reynolds back, right? He's just so... awful. Why is he even a movie star? I don't know anyone who likes him.

I also don't expect a movie for Aquaman if they even end up using him. Flash, maybe. Wonder Woman would probably be introduced in the actual Justice League movie.

As for this Batman/Superman thing, I don't really care. I just have no interest in going to see that. I've never understood why people are so into this idea, mainly because I just see it as a lot of fan wank about how badass Batman is supposed to be. For some people, the idea of a Batman/Superman fight is all about psychology and contingency and intense planning and Batman having the perfect strategy. For me, the fight lasts two hits: Superman hitting Batman and Batman hitting the sun.

Just not a thing I'm interested in.

I do hope, however, that Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Batman in the movie, if only because I'd heard that he was (supposedly) Marvel's choice to play Doctor Strange, which is all kinds of terrible. Please be Batman and not Doctor Strange, because I love the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and I find myself completely bereft of interest in the DC movies.


Tallulah Morehead said...

What I've heard in the various stories I've read about the Murderer of Steel sequel is that it will be a Superman-Batman Team Up, not Superman vs Batman, which, as you point out, would last one punch unless Bats is in a Kryptonite Batsuit. In short, a World's Finest Comics movie, though it would be a World's Lousiest Movie to me after the way they raped Superman.

In any event, they've been definite that Bruce Wayne will not be Christian Bale, so Bats is up for grabs agin.

Paradox Al said...

It is a sad fact that there's a demand for dull & "gritty" superhero movies. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been amazing so far. Even the lesser MCU movies manage to be a lot more enjoyable than Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy. (I'm not calling them Batman movies, cos it feels insulting to Batman)

I guess I'm a little teensy bit interested in knowing who they're casting as the new Batman. Also, it sucks we can't get a normal Superman sequel next..but like you, I'm really looking forward to all the new MCU movies that they're chugging out. I wanna see how long Marvel can keep coming out with good superhero movies on a regular basis. I feel so grateful for getting to enjoy their movies. Doctor Strange & Black Panther are the new heroes I would most like to see next on the big screen.

SamuraiFrog said...

Tallulah: They were using dialogue from The Dark Knight Returns to sell it to SDCC audiences, so I figure it'll either be one of those deals where they fight and then team-up, or just a straight fight. Frankly, in the gritty DC universe they've set up for the movies, I can't imagine anyone becoming anything near-resembling friends, much less allies. With the tone they're sustaining for all of these movies, I can't imagine them doing anything else but fighting, frankly.

Paradox Al: I would love to see them, and also I'm holding out hope that the Silver Surfer can somehow happen. I think he's tied up in the FF rights at Fox, though...

phoniexflames said...

Ryan Reynolds keeps getting cast in superhero/action movies because he can throw a quip and his physique is ridiculously comic-bookie.

Essentially, they enjoyed his performance in Van Wilder (which... he's been playing Van Wilder in every goddamn movie he's been in), and like the way he looked in Blade:Trinity.

But holy HELL...I have NOT seen any movie of his that has been good.

Kelly Sedinger said...

I like Ryan Reynolds...he's just kind of there in a non-offensive way. And I didn't hate Green Lantern, but ye Gods, was that movie overstuffed.

SamuraiFrog said...

That sounds less like "liking" Ryan Reynolds and more like "acknowledging that he's there."

abc said...

Have you seen Ryan Reynolds in Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place? Name of the show notwithstanding, its worth a look. But I suppose if you don't like him in that, you won't like him in variations of the same character he's been playing ever since.

SamuraiFrog said...

I liked Nathan Fillion on that show. I thought Ryan Reynolds' variation on Chevy Chase that he was doing on that show was ok, but it's nothing I need to see for years and years or, like, pay to see.