Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Film Week

A review of the films I've seen this past week.

HIT & RUN (2012)
Better, quirkier and more inventive than I was expecting, to be honest. Dax Shepard plays a former getaway driver in witness protection whose past is revealed when he resolves to drive girlfriend Kristen Bell to LA for a job interview and he's pursued by the criminals (led by Bradley Cooper) he testified against. I like the homemade quality of the movie; Shepard as writer and co-director doesn't always nail some of the comedy beats, but the relationship is genuine and the driving scenes are really well done. Mainly it's Shepard's tribute to Bell and to his car, both of which are amazing. And I do always love to see Ryan Hansen do pretty much anything. ***1/2

Great concept for a horror movie, but executed in such a grim way that it becomes unrelenting and confusing where it wants to unfold and reveal. Jessica Biel's best performance, for what it's worth to you (I think she's underrated, but I know most people don't). Good idea, they just didn't really pull it off. **1/2

I pretty much said what I wanted to say about this yesterday. ***1/2

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