Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Birthday, Audrie

Today, my youngest sister Audrie is 18 years old.

I'm pretty confident that I haven't been a very good brother to her at all. I'm just not a very good family member, to be quite honest. I quietly keep to myself because of whatever issues I've had growing up, and it makes me seem selfish and standoffish. I'm reserved, and I have this thing where I just figure--in a default way, not in a self-pitying way--that people have preferred not to be around me. And my agoraphobia and panic disorders make it hard to be a part of what's going on.

But I do love my sister very much. I think about her every day and keep up with her Facebook, and she seems to be happy and loving life and having fun, which are three things I wasn't when I was her age. I'm very proud of her and I'm a little in awe that she's my sister. Very, very proud.

Happy Birthday, Audrie. It's an exciting month: prom, birthday, graduation. 18 years old, and I still remember very clearly holding her as a baby. Doesn't seem so long ago. How does it go by so fast?

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