Friday, May 24, 2013

Gay Boy Scouts, But Only Up to a Point

So, the Boy Scouts of America is going to let in openly gay Scouts, but kick out all of the gay Scout Leaders.

I know that this is ultimately good news, but it still pisses me off. And I know, I'm the guy who's always saying that even one mind changed is good, and that even small victories are victories, but I'm not convinced this is any kind of victory. At best, it seems like a minor concession.

All I can think about is that the Boy Scouts of America is telling gay kids that they can be a Scout, but they can't really devote themselves to it. Because no matter how good and how dedicated they are, they can never be leaders in the organization simply because of how they were born. And I think that's just needlessly cruel and diminishes whatever achievements they'll make as Boy Scouts.

It's just pointlessly shitty, and it's still built on this idiot fear that kids aren't safe around gay adults. That's an insult to my intelligence as a human being capable of thought.

This won't last forever, of course. This really is the first step, because one day a gay Scout will want to be a Troop Leader and enough people will think it's an injustice and the BSA will be pressured to give in.

One day.

One day all of this idiotic talk of "giving" gay human beings the equal rights they're born with as American citizens will be a remnant of the past, and we'll either be ashamed or embarrassed (or both) that there was ever a fight over things like using the courts to determine whether or not certain people were entitled to their dignity.


Josh Rothberg said...

I can only hope that day will come during our lifetimes. I'm tired of this ignorant shit as much as you are.

Tallulah Morehead said...

It's not actually good, or "progress." It's bigger, more blatant hypocracy. It's saying to gay kids, OK, we'll let you play since we're losing funding over this, but you're still inferior to straight boys, and once you're 18, we'll recommence spitting on you. Oh, and your 'funny' unmarried uncle? He's still shit."

MC said...

The Scouts in Canada are totally inclusive on this issue.

The Pretentious Know it All said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again. LGBT children will continue to be marginalized and bullied to the point that many feel like taking their own lives. Why? Because children take their cues from adults. If our lawmakers continue with legislation that makes it not only legal, but in some instances mandatory to discriminate against the LGBT community, the message that these are lesser citizens for us to trample over will keep being propagated. This will all be in the past eventually. Revolutions always favor the oppressed parties. However, until things change, I hope that the people who push for legislated bigotry know that the blood of these dead children is on their hands.

Also, as a gay man who was a Boy Scout as a kid, I don't see what the big deal is about allowing gays into their precious organization. Other than having sex with men, being a Boy Scout is one of the gayest things I've ever done.

MC said...

Oh the reason they relented even a little was all because they wanted to retain their tax exempt status.