Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Film Week

A review of the films I've seen this past week.

LOOPER (2012)
Potentially interesting concept totally wasted on a long, boring slog punctuated by occasional sci-fi action bullshit. I was with it for about the first half-hour, but instead of exploring the characters or the concept, the film gets caught up in its situation, and it's just... boring. It's a really, really boring film. It doesn't help that it saddles its lead, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, with having to maintain a caricatured impression of Bruce Willis through makeup that makes him look like a Dick Tracy villain--the effect is so distracting that it held the performance back. It's just all so unnecessary. The film has no faith in its concept and how it might affect the main character. How do you live knowing that eventually you'll have to kill yourself? Having killed your future self, how does that effect the next thirty years of your life, knowing you're moving ever closer to your predetermined death? Those are interesting existential questions the movie casts aside in favor of its less interesting gimmick, which isn't even based on interesting science. You're telling me they can't just incinerate a body in 2074? It doesn't make sense, but at least I had time to ponder it while the movie wasn't bothering to do anything interesting. It's a shallow movie that thinks it's deep. Like Inception. Is this modern science fiction filmmaking? *1/2


Kal said...

Speaking of Inception did you do a review of that piece of crap? I hated that movie. As much as I love Nolan's Momento, I hate his Inception.

SamuraiFrog said...

I did that all the way back here:

I was not kind to it.

I liked Memento a lot, too.