Thursday, April 18, 2013

TV Report: Monsoon Season

If you asked me right now what TV show I enjoy the most, I'd quickly say RuPaul's Drag Race. Becca really got me into the show last year, and this season has been pretty incredible. It's a great time to be watching, too, because Jinkx Monsoon is easily my favorite contestant in the history of this show.

Monday night's episode "Sugar Ball" was very, very hard to watch, though. For possibly the first time ever, I think the top four contestants left are the most talented contestants on the show. But as the competition gets fiercer, the knives become sharper, and I had a really hard time watching Roxxxy Andrews just pick on Jinkx like a total bully. Look, Jinkx is a comedy queen: she's funny, she's a good actor, she's a good performer, she's beautiful and intensely creative, and her drag style is amazing. She's in a drag tradition that's kind of trash (in the way John Waters has enshrined the word) and a little burlesque and an absolute joy to watch, I find. I've just been riveted by everything she's done, particularly her Little Edie Beale impression in this year's Snatch Game, which she totally dominated. So it's been very hard to watch her get picked at by the glamour queens who are hostile to the idea--offended by it, even--that what Jinkx is doing is a very valid form of drag, just not their style of drag. I find it narrow-minded and shallow, and Roxxxy (and Detox) would just not drop this idea that Jinkx somehow lucked out by getting a lot of acting or comedy challenges. They're threatened by her well-roundedness and her growing talent.

It just got really bizarre. I understand that everyone is under more and more pressure the longer they stay on, but what I'm watching consistently is a multi-talented drag queen (who takes criticism well, learns from it, and constantly improves) get absolutely marginalized and dismissed week after week after week after week by people who keep telling her that learning and being well-rounded and having all of these talents somehow makes her a bad drag queen because she does comedy. It's this inflexible view and it's been a lot of bullying over this inflexible view, and I'm just so sick of it.

I really hope Jinkx wins. She's amazing. It was really gratifying to see Roxxxy apologize to Jinkx on Twitter after Monday's episode aired, and I think Roxxxy is a fine drag queen and deserves to be in the top three. But I'd really rather see Jinkx or Alaska win after all of this.


phoniexflames said...

Roxxy apologizing on Twitter was serious bullshit, though. I am with you on the whole bullying thing, and quite frankly, I think Roxxy is just trying to cover her ass because she suddenly remembered that phee phee o'hara pretty much lost last season and was not invited to do anything on logo for a really, really long time because she pulled this same exact bullshit. so yeah, as it turns out, people don't like total cunts winning when they notice that they are total cunts.
I hope jinx wins as well,

SamuraiFrog said...

You know, for some reason, too, I didn't even consider that this week's episode would be even more of Roxxxy being a bully. It's really hard to watch. You're probably right about covering her ass.

I'd be okay with Alaska winning, too, but Jinkx has been my favorite contestant ever on this show.