Friday, February 15, 2013

Russia's Meteorite

Last night's most exciting new story was certainly this meteor in Russia. Just some amazing reports that came in about a meteorite raining down destruction in the Urals, which apparently damaged some 3000 buildings and injured almost a thousand people--many from falling glass, as the resulting sonic boom shattered windows. What I'm reading right now is that the meteorite may have weighed as much as 10 tons before breaking up in the atmosphere, and that this may not even be related to today's asteroid flyby. What a strange and scary and breathtaking day for outer space activity. Here's a couple of videos of the meteor hitting the atmosphere.

I warn you, this next one is extremely loud. The impact of the atmospheric shift is astounding.


Kal said...

No one is prepared for that kind of arial destruction. That was wild especially given what we expect today from the larger one passing us by.

Chris said...

Sucks to be Russia! Talked about this event and the Tunguska Event to my class today: