Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Looking at this week's films, I thought I'd watched more this week. That's because I spent all of Saturday watching Shogun and all of Sunday watching North and South. Encore has been showcasing miniseries for a few weeks now, airing a complete series every Sunday, and I've been enjoying it. I'd never seen Shogun or North and South before, and I thought they were both very, very good. I kind of miss the old days of big miniseries productions on network television.

Next week is North and South, Book II. I'll be watching that one, too. I hope at some point they show The Thornbirds, I've never seen that one, either, but of course I remember when it was on. I remember when a new miniseries was event television and made the cover of TV Guide. It makes me weirdly nostalgic, I guess because they don't really do TV like this anymore.

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Kal said...

I so remember the time when Mini-series were huge on TV. The original V was the greatest thing any of us kids ever saw to hear the talk on the playground. I liked both those ones you talked about especially for the young Patrick Swayze and the LUMINOUS Kirstie Alley. Those eyes of hers...mama mia.