Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Is Jason Segel Okay?

I've been doggedly watching How I Met Your Mother all season, and it's struck me the last few weeks that most of Jason Segel's role this season has been limited to sitting down and eating. Even in the episode when Lily couldn't keep her hands off him because of that wristband he was wearing, his role was mainly confined to sitting down and eating. And slurring his lines halfheartedly, like it's costing him considerable effort to expend the slightest energy.

Is Jason Segel okay? I mean, he can still walk and stuff, right? I notice he's very svelte these days--his weight has always gone up and down. Is he using some sort of barely legal Mexican weight loss drug that saps his will to stand? Did he catch the flu everyone had and just can't film for more than a few minutes at a time? It's just weird to watch this guy go from being my favorite aspect of the show to suddenly spending 90% of his time sitting, barely breathing out his lines, and eating a lot. What's going on, Jason? Are you feeling alright? The whole thing is weirding me out.

(Also weirding me out: wait, so now How I Met Your Mother wants us to believe that Ted Mosby was always a player who just wanted to get laid and was never interested in settling down before he dated crazy Abby Elliott? Because that seemed to be the way they were framing it, and I just want to call bullshit on this whole thing, because the entire series has been Ted's search for love, not Ted trying to get laid as much as possible and then accidentally stumbling into love the second he breaks up with an unstable-but-hot girlfriend. But whatever, I'm amazed the show even remembers the names of its characters these days. Also not cool on the Mike Tyson stuff. I am just not in line with the media's bizarre need to make a beloved cartoon character out of noted rapist and wife abuser Mike Tyson. The whole episode was terrible, really terrible.)

But seriously, are Segel and Michelle Williams still together? I just want to be sure someone's taking care of this guy and making sure he doesn't fall down a lot or something.


Kelly Sedinger said...

Huh...that's weird. I've given up on HIMYM, so I hadn't realized this. I know that shows do that for pregnant actresses (Gillian Anderson through a big chunk of X-Files's second season, for instance), but I wonder why Segel would be doing the same?

Sleestak said...

Cobie was clearly sick a few weeks back. her voice was hoarse and terrible. More so if that was looped later when she felt better in time for broadcast. Maybe they passed something around.