Monday, January 28, 2013

Random Random

This is honestly mostly negative and just getting out this negative crap. So if you're one of the many people who think I'm already barely tolerable and openly hostile, I don't mind if you skip this.

:: It just seems not normal to have a 47 degree day in January. We're in the range that might get tornadoes tomorrow, and definitely thunderstorms tonight. We get thunder during snowstorms now. "Thundersnow" is now a word I hear regularly. It's never not disconcerting to hear thunder in January. Is this just normal now? Two days ago it got down to 12 below zero at night. Today, it's 47. We've turned some kind of corner, because this is every year for the last five or eight years.

:: It's been over a year since DC Comics got rid of the red trunks on Superman's costume. I think it's time to stop complaining about it. They're not coming back, and even if they did, what does that actually change about the character? Remember when he had long hair in the 90s? Remember when they replaced the yellow in the symbol with black about a decade ago? What was the difference in the actual character? Nothing. Nothing at all. Why is it that instead of complaining about what DC have actually done to fundamentally change the character post-reboot, the fans complain much more loudly about a superficial difference that has no real effect? You don't see people bitching about how Batman doesn't have trunks anymore. Because who cares?

:: I couldn't care less about this whole Manti Te'o thing if I was actively trying.

:: I'm not the only person who was offended and uncomfortable by this weekend's weirdly homophobic Saturday Night Live episode, right?

:: If your website is as big as io9, you really need to start hiring some editors to proofread those articles, because holy shit. There really is a point where it stops being mechanical errors and misspellings and just becomes totally incomprehensible.

I know, House of Lies isn't the best show, but as long as Kristen is on it, I'll keep watching. I like it just enough where it's not a waste of time, but if Kristen took off, I probably wouldn't stick around. I am utterly tickled though that they've given her a nemesis, and it's Nia Long. I adore Nia Long. Nia Long is someone I've loved a long time, long enough to give Kristen some real competition for me. Diggin' this.

:: So Don't Trust the B--- in Apt. 23 got canceled. I'm disappointed, but hardly surprised. I thought it was a funny show. I hope Dreama Walker gets another show, but not something where she plays some plucky doctor in a medical drama or something. I can so see that happening.

:: Wow, this is going to be the 17th year of talking about JonBenet Ramsey?

:: So, I understand that you may not like her music and the focus on her dating life might annoy you, but does it make anyone else queasy that there's a whole section of our media and social networks that's perfectly comfortable slut-shaming Taylor Swift for dating a lot of people and then writing songs about her feelings? Because that just seems not cool to me. Where are the people giving John Mayer hell every time he writes a song about a failed relationship? I don't get why it's funny just because Taylor's a girl. It seems less funny because Taylor's a girl. It's the same queasiness I feel when grown men are telling Kristen Stewart (or any woman) that they need to smile. Seriously, stop it with your unconsciously patriarchal bullshit. Why the fuck does it make a difference to you? Stop telling little white girls what to do to make you feel more comfortable. No one tells men to smile. Get over it.

:: The mainstream media's major commentary on President Obama's second inauguration was "Ha ha, Beyonce didn't sing" and "Girl, Michelle Obama's bangs, wha?" Politics in America. Is it any wonder I can't even talk about this shit anymore?

:: I already like the second season of Girls much more than the first one, because this season I don't have to read all of that shit about how Lena Dunham is awful because ovaries or whatever the fuck it was supposed to be.

:: I can't help it. I don't think I'm superior to anyone. But when I see person after person after person complaining about how Tumblr's different and they're lost rather than taking the five or ten minutes to figure out how it works now, my first two thoughts are always "Wow, I hope you're never in a serious crisis" and "What's it like to not have any actual problems to complain about?" I feel bad. I know it can be frustrating when things change. But it's not like waking up and finding a hole in your roof is it?

:: Why I'm Glad Ben Affleck Isn't Directing Episode VII. Okay, see, this is why people hate fanboys. And this is why all of the "Fake Geek Girls" and the "Posers Who Only Like Something Because of a Movie" are way more fun than a lot of hardcore fans: because they can like something without being total assholes about it.

:: I want to stay in an underwater hotel.

:: Lucasfilm has decided not to release the other five Star Wars films in 3D. I'm not torn up about it, though any excuse to see Star Wars on the big screen is fine with me. Still glad I got to see The Phantom Menace again in the theater.

:: Please don't ask me a question that starts with "Don't you just love..." if you're going to get crazy with anger when the answer is no.

I feel like I should end with something cute to balance the negativity. Here's a baby and some puppies. I genuinely love this picture.

I'll try to be less negative... later.


samslam said...

The middle puppy looks like Bonzo!

Kelly Sedinger said...

Awww! Don't you just LOVE babies sleeping with puppies?

(See what I did there!)

Roger Owen Green said...

You're right about Manti Te'o; I was days behind on that story, thankfully. Right about Beyonce, which made at least ABC's Sunday morning news show.

But ESPECIALLY about the temperature. When March 2012 was a record warm one, I was the only one around here complaining.

Gotta say, most of the rest I'm oblivious to.

Nathan said...

As far as complaining about Tumblr goes, I don't know that there's always a correlation between how people handle big and small problems. Just because someone complains about small things doesn't necessarily mean they don't have any real problems, or that they couldn't handle a real problem if it were to arise. (Now, I personally am no good at handling either big or small problems, but that's neither here nor there.)