Saturday, December 29, 2012

We Are Clearly in an Era of Doctor Who That I Just Don't Like

So, a few stray thoughts on "The Snowmen," and that will be that.

:: I found Jenna-Louise Coleman just as insufferable here as I did on "Asylum of the Daleks." Yes, yes, she's a special snowflake, cleverer than all the other clevers put to clever, but is there, like, anything that makes her interesting? Or anything other than just yet another River Song? I already hate her as much as I did Amy Pond, but in only two episodes. She's grating, she's zero-dimensional, and she adds nothing but more emo snark. There are no shades so far. The idea that she somehow exists in all of these different times and places is fleetingly interesting, until you figure that they're just bringing the whole Jagaroth concept back or something, and she'll end up being somehow a creation of the Doctor or a relative or a snare to trap him or some such overplayed bullshit, because this show currently feels like it has nothing left.

:: Strax, Jenny and Vastra were infinitely more fun characters and potential companions, but they aren't moony little girls, so they don't get to fly in the TARDIS, because the Doctor and his space/time windowless van only pull over for the young trim. I'm just saying. It seemed less creepy before. Matt Smith is such a cartoonishly asexual Doctor that watching Clara throw herself at him was the gross equivalent of watching a woman sexually tease a child who barely knew what was going on. It was ugly. And at the end of the episode, there he is, with another bright young snowflake to perk up his interest, rushing away from the most interesting things in the episode to chase some more tail.

:: Too hard in my terminology? Don't much care. Not enough good stuff in the episode for me to soften my dislike.

:: You know, for a character that the show keeps reminding us is the most powerful, most potentially deadly man in the universe, they don't find much that's very big to do with the Doctor, do they? Fighting snowmen and Richard E. Grant over the fate of... something. Hm. Seems like a better writer could have made it feel big even knowing it wasn't. But that's this era... This used to be a show that was all about finding grand timey-wimey plots that were clever. Now it's a show where just saying "timey-wimey" is what substitutes for clever.

:: Overall, predictable and dull, with some aspects I enjoyed. This is clearly an era for the show that's just not for me. I don't think Steven Moffat is doing anything interesting or science fiction-y with it anymore. He's turned it into a dark fairy tale with fleeting moments of interest, and as a fan I'll continue to watch it in the hopes that it'll get better eventually, but without being the fan who goes online to whine about how bad it is even though no one's forcing me to watch it in the hopes that it'll get better eventually. It's boring to read and, honestly, it's boring to write, because in the end I could just not watch it.

Maybe the next producer's era will be more for me than this is. For now, I'm just a fan waiting for a more interesting direction to come along. The nice thing about being a Doctor Who fan is knowing that it eventually will.


Craig said...

I do feel that Moffat's episodes aren't quite as strong since he took over as showrunner; perhaps a case of him having to do too much, or perhaps he does better concentrating on a smaller section of an overarching plot than the whole thing?

I kind of liked Clara, but I would much prefer to see the Doctor devoting some of his time to finding a way to bring Donna back instead. It's good to see someone call the Doctor on his bull without the flirty overtones, as otherwise it is like you say pretty much the character role of River, Amy, Clara, and even Rose and Martha during part of their run.

I think an interesting way to take Clara's story would be to have a local reincarnation of her die every episode and give the Doctor a bit of a moral dilemma in that, does HE cause all these deaths of her various lives she is living? Would all these variations have long lifespans if he stayed away? Sadly though, I suspect that will have been the last of that aspect we'll see, and as a result, I really think Clara should have stayed alive and gone with him, as a companion that WASN'T from "modern day" England would have at least been a change that they could have gotten some mileage from storywise.

SamuraiFrog said...

Carl has left a new comment on your post "We Are Clearly in an Era of Doctor Who That I Just...":

I was not a fan of this episode either. I thought it a waste of Richard Grant's talents and I felt there wasn't much at stake. I'm holding my breath for the companion to be someone fun, but it seems they're really going to make this a romantic companionship--which might be interesting if handled right. It probably just means she's going to be killed down the line and we get him to be mopey again.

I didn't really like the other companions except for the "one word answer" moment--that was clever. I feel that the companions' job is to be the wide-eyed naive person that gives the doctor a sounding board for how amazing the universe is, and these three just sat around an enabled him to be mopey without challenging him to be the doctor we all know and love.

I'm hoping we can get up to speed quickly with the next season--Rory and Amy REALLY wore out their welcome with me and lasted a LOT longer than they should have. We should have never seen them again once they learned the Doctor was still alive--that was great closure for them and they kept popping back up!

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