Friday, December 28, 2012

My 10 Favorite Movie Posters of 2012

10. I just think it's neat. Not much more to it than that, honestly; I just like the old-fashioned pulp cover look of it.

9. Also a nicely dynamic poster, but seeing it makes me nostalgic for a specific summer of my life. In fact, right now I think I'd like nothing more than to sit with Becca and play Podracer on Dreamcast... If only that were possible...

8. For what I imagine are fairly obvious reasons.

7. Damn, I really need to see this. There's some more old-fashioned pulp right there.

6. I love the mist and the blue lights. The mood established here is palpable.

5. That's just cool...

4. ...but not as cool as Bruce Lee. (But what is?)

3. Another great mood-setter. I'm not interested in debating whether the movie worked or not, but the poster sure does for me.

2. Excellent work.

1. For me, it's all of what makes The Hobbit work in a single image. The promise, the threat, the adventure, and the yearning for home, even if you have to leave home to understand its value. It's fantastic.

Honorable Mentions:

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Roger Owen Green said...

Re: John Carter - Steve Bissette stated, and I totally agree, that losing any reference to Mars was marketing homicide.

Kelly Sedinger said...

Whoever was in charge of marketing John Carter should be put in charge of marketing the National Rifle Association. It would solve a LOT of problems.