Monday, December 03, 2012

Look at That Green Suit

I was just sort of observing last night as we watched the excellent Boardwalk Empire finale that Gyp Rossetti wears very colorful suits. I really like this detail. It's a good look. I know suits are typically... not drab, but you don't always see them in period pieces with a great deal of varying colors. On Boardwalk Empire, they really have a tendency to go with things like pinstripes or interesting cuts that make the suits stand out a bit. But Gyp, with his green and blue and purple suits, he really has an interesting, slick wardrobe.

One of the things I hate in movies like, say, Public Enemies, is that everyone seems to be wearing the same black and gray suits. It becomes a sea of blandness, as though color didn't exist until 1948. Boardwalk Empire is such a beautiful show to look at, and I think Gyp's suits were one of the highlights this season.

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Kal said...

That's a beaut all right. All part of creating one of the scariest characters in a long time.