Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I Think I Have Bronchitis

I had it for a little while in 2006, and it feels like that. Plus it got through my Teacher's Immune System. It's very rare for me to get sick since I became a substitute teacher in 2007; that first year, I was sick all the time, and then I never got sick again, except for allergy stuff or food poisoning or the very occasional cold or mild flu. But this is much worse. Trouble breathing, eating, a weight on my chest, coughing up what feels like pounds of phlegm--and great coughing fits so painful and exhausting they make me want to just cry at how small and weak they make me feel. It's pretty terrible. It's worse for me that Becca's sick, too; she's been sick for days, and I had day or two where I felt buggy, but yesterday it just got so much worse. I don't even want to eat because my throat hurts, but my stomach is rumbling worse than I ever remember feeling it.

I hate being sick. I have not missed these sensations at all. I don't feel like I have a fever at all, so I've mostly been sleeping and eating the occasional dry waffle with coffee: coffee makes my throat feel much better, and when I'm not drinking it I've been sucking on cough drops like a man with a fetish.

So if I'm light the next couple of days, that's why. I'm not even going to do Film Week today because I'm reaching the end of my ability to concentrate.

Hopefully it moves fast and doesn't become walking pneumonia like it did in 2006. I'd like to be back in time for my useless end-of-year lists. Or, you know, I'll do them in the first week of January like I did last year when my computer broke down. I probably should stop pretending like I'm actually on some kind of schedule.

Later, gators.


Roger Owen Green said...

OK, you win. Or lose. You're REALLY sick. I just had a 24-hour bug, plus some gum irritation which is NOT an infection.

I'd send you some electronic chicken soup, if I thought it'd help!

SamuraiFrog said...

Ha, thanks. Good to hear you're better and not infected. That sounds like a little bit of a scare.

Autumn said...

I had that same thing last week, I felt like a baby, I could barely get myself to get up to feed myself and didn't clean anything. I felt better on Friday so this week I did fun Christmas things, and woke up today with a sore throat and phlegm galore. Please not again...

Kelly Sedinger said...

Is that Superman drinking off the aftereffects of his butt saving Christmas?

(Feel better soon! I hope you have a humidifier of some sort, they always help the respiratory shit in the dry winter.)

Kal said...

Like you I never get sick since working in the Elementary Germ Factory for several years. I am sure you are all over the home rememdies but gargling with hot salted water works for me. Hypotonic or hypertonic the sick get's drawn out by the salt. Hope you feel better soon. The coughing scares me the most. I feel like I am this close to throwing a clot.