Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Random Links

:: There's been a lot of talk online about this whole "Fake Geek Girl" meme. It's sexist and despicable and since I already wrote a bit about it on my Positive Cynicism column, I won't go into all the reasons I despise this wave of bullying. But here are some excellent thoughts on the issue: first from Fortress of Soliloquy, then from John Seavey.

:: Some more links in modern sexism and feminism (all via The Mary Sue):
:: Six-Year-Old Girl (Board) Gamer Calls out Guess Who? on Its Gender Inequality; Hasbro’s Response is Both Hilarious and Awful
:: First Time Lionsgate Has Two Films Make Over $125 Million In The Same Year They Do It With Female Leads (A note on this story, because one of the films is Breaking Dawn 2: as I predicted way back, after Universal publicly dropped Kristen Stewart from the Snow White and the Huntsman sequel in light of her obviously fake cheating scandal with the director, Rupert Sanders, they now want her instead of the director for the sequel, because her movie just made scads of money and the fake cheating scandal had no effect on the opening. Good thing she got back with her fake boyfriend, I guess. Girl knows how to work the publicity angle of the most gullible audience. Respect.)
:: This Newspaper Editor’s Statement on Why He Doesn’t Like Female-Starring Movies Is Just… I… I Have No Words

:: The 100 Most Depressing Movie Death Scenes

:: Astronomers discover a planet so massive it defies classification

:: "Superman is an immigrant, a survivor, and a democratic, progressive hero."


Autumn said...

Oh wow, I missed the whole geek girl thing. It's kind of repulsive. I already hate the fact that because I enjoy some geek culture I have been labelled a geek girl many times and now I get to wonder if people think I'm a fake geek girl because I've only SEEN all of Star Trek, I don't know every behind the scenes detail about it. It's worse then the "All nerds are socially awkward sweet people" stereotype because it's mean. I don't understand why people have to be so mean all the time.

Wait, does it work both ways? Am I supposed to be on the internet somewhere making some guy feel like less of a person because they don't own all the Gargoyles Comics and haven't played Quest for Glory IV until you found all the secrets? (Because John Rhys-Davis should narrate everything) Because I don't expect most people to have this in common with me.

SamuraiFrog said...

What I find especially detestable is that guys don't always question it of each other, but women have to constantly prove themselves. My wife has always loved Wolverine, ever since before I met her (in 1994), but after Hugh Jackman, she'd meet people who assumed she only liked the movies because Hugh Jackman was hot. It's ridiculous and just skeevy, honestly. It's bullying and it makes me sick.

Autumn said...

Responding ridiculously later because I forgot I commented after I went off in a huff. I completely understand your wife because I'm getting the same reaction about the upcoming Hobbit movie.

And Hugh Jackman was hot, but Wolverine has been awesome since I was a kid. Whenever the kids on my block played X-men, I always wanted to play him, but always got stuck with Phoenix or Jubilee. 10 year olds are not about gender equality, man....

SamuraiFrog said...

Yeah, we always made my sister play Princess Leia when we were playing Star Wars out in the woods. If there were more little sisters, they were usually made to be Ewoks. I completely understand why they'd go off and do their own thing after a few minutes.

Part of growing up is understanding how casually unfair you were as a kid.