Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pumpkin Update

Looks like things are getting worse for Danforth Remington de la Guerre. After being lobotomized to keep the horrible, damning secret he has inside, he's powerless even to stop the squirrels from eating his face. As you can see, his insides are rotting and he has very few days left. Oh, Danforth. What did you see? We'll never know now.

Seriously, though, I like to keep the pumpkins out for a little while because the squirrels are gathering right now and they love to come up and eat bits of pumpkin. Doing my small part for the community, or something.

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DrGoat said...

The javalinas (wild pigs) in the desert around here take care of our pumpkin for us. They eat the candle too.