Thursday, November 01, 2012

My Favorite Part of the Lucasfilm Sale

Disney paid George Lucas $4 billion for Lucasfilm and Industrial Light & Magic. Of all the hypocritical fan whines possible, the last one I expected to hear was people calling George Lucas--the grand merchandiser of Star Wars--a sellout. That one was totally bizarre. Especially after all of the shit they called him because they still can't get over not being 6 when the Prequels came out. Every time I think the fanboys have given me enough reason to really despise them, they do something even dumber. I think Hank Hill said it best: "Every time I think you've said the dumbest thing ever, you keep talking." Sellout? The guy who's been making money off of Star Wars bedspreads for almost 40 years is a sell-out now?

(And not that I really accuse him of that because, let's face it, things like bedspreads are what made Star Wars an institution of our childhoods, if you're the right age. The guy's not a sell-out, he's just canny and knows how to make money. But, once again, that money's given him independence, an opportunity to stay true to his vision--even if you don't like that vision--and the ability to invest in the kind of technological research that's made Pixar and The Lord of the Rings possible. Then, as he's retiring, he makes sure to place the grand institution that is Star Wars with people who will see it carries on, which is what the same people screaming "sellout" now have been whining about since they made that idiot petition almost a decade ago to take Star Wars out of George Lucas's hands and give it to Peter Jackson instead. You're lucky you're even getting an Episode VII, because you sure as hell don't deserve one, you ingrates.)


My favorite part of this is yesterday's announcement that George Lucas would be giving the majority to charity. Most likely his educational foundation. So George Lucas has enjoyed the fruits of his labors and creativity for many years, given countless filmmakers opportunities to do work of their own, started a number of careers, made technological R&D possible in ways no one else in Hollywood was willing to do, made Star Wars as much a part of your American childhood as Disney and the Muppets, helped set Pixar on the path to revolutionizing the world of animation, notably shared a lot of the money he made off of Star Wars with the people who actually worked on the movies themselves, then finally decided he had enough money, sold his creations to people he hopes will shepherd them for generations to come, and is now giving away most of that money to education?

Yeah, guys, what a sellout.

UPDATE 2:05 PM: Two more favorites today. First, that Disney will somehow make Star Wars movies that are more mature and adult. "Remember when the Star Wars movies weren't made for 8 year olds?" one blogger asks, to which I have to answer, no, I don't remember that ever being the case. They were always family movies and you're just going to have to get over that because you're too old to be whining about this. My other favorite is the idea that a non-George Lucas Star Wars movie at Disney means that some director is going to do without so much CGI. I think it's naively cute that someone thinks this is just going to happen, especially because Disney is involved. Disney has always been an innovator of special effects, and just earlier this year made John Carter. So good luck with your cute fantasies.

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