Friday, November 30, 2012

My Favorite Fanart for November 2012

Who ARE You? by Evan Shaner

Face Me by Mooncalfe

Cap'n by Moysche

Supergirl by Dean

Choco Chewbacca by Jason Chalker

Hulk by Songjong

I honestly couldn't pick just one that I liked, because they're all pretty awesome:

Freddie Mercury by Pablo Bustos

What If Frasier Joined the Fantastic Four? by Brandon Bird

Superman: The New Animated Series by Jeff Victor

The 8th Doctor by Dean

Kermit's Quest by Chris Johnston

Super Metroid by thiago-almeida

1 comment:

Handsome Paul said...

My favorite work of art is the Choco Chewbacca!

All of them are very good!