Friday, October 26, 2012

Random Thoughts

:: Boy, it feels like Halloween's already over, doesn't it? Everywhere I go, the focus is on Christmas and Thanksgiving already. It feels like with everything in America, it's all about the marketing push and the build-up and the event is usually an afterthought. (I think, by the way, that that similar attitude is what's going on now with the election; I've been detecting a sudden burst of cynicism, a defeatism that says Romney's going to win... that kind of attitude happens because this election race seems to have lasted for about a year and a half or two years now, and people just want it to be over.)

So, jazzed as I am that so many TV shows have been doing Halloween episodes this year--and they're of varying quality, but they're almost always fun in some way--it's annoying as usual to see Christmas commercials in the middle of the broadcast. And though I'm looking forward to Christmas music and lights, I once again say futilely (again) that it's just too darn early.

And yet, even my own Halloween countdown is starting to feel perfunctory. Tumblr was so alive with Halloween imagery last year, and this year even the blogs specifically dedicated to Halloween are barely even phoning it in. I don't find myself in the mood to watch horror movies. It makes me... not sad, I guess, but wistful. Oh, well. Another year where it petered out early. I'm still going to watch the Great Pumpkin on Halloween.

I think next year I might not do the Halloween countdown. It's not like an official obligation or anything because I never join up with those awesome geek sites that promote it, etc. I always want to be part of that group, or groups of nerdy blogs, but then someone's going to come here and see a tit and then kick me out, because that's what always happens and I'm not the type to really tailor my blog to someone's specific guidelines because, you know, fuck off, it's my way of wasting time and expressing myself, and people either read it or don't. But anyway, my point was that next year I might just put up something here and there, as I have in the past (many years in the past) rather than doing it every day. But I am going to finish this year's.

I believe in Halloween. But I keep seeing pictures of snow in Wyoming and Nebraska and thinking, ugh, it's already winter.

:: Forgot to link these last time, although most of you have probably seen them by now: Ken Levine's hilarious takes on Superman's adoption and adolescence.

:: The AV Club put together a list of the 50 Best Films of the 1990s (part one here), so of course I'm probably going to end up doing the same thing or something similar. I also still have it in the back of my mind to companion my 100 Favorite Films of the Decade with Most Hated Films of the Decade list.

:: The Film Locations of Rosemary's Baby. (Thanks, Sam.)

:: Think I'm about to give up reading the columnists on Cracked. I used to follow some of them on Tumblr, but I'm mightily sick of them babying out like 7 year-olds every time someone thinks they aren't funny. For guys who make their livings ripping on other people, they have paper-thin skins when it comes to criticism, and then it becomes this big debacle of "How dare you lecture us?" or "How dare you be so rude?" or "Go eat a dick." Like... what? You know, not everyone is going to dig what a bunch of white dudes giggle about when they get together, that's life, and you don't seriously expect it to be any other way. I don't know, I feel like I've grown out of that kind of stupid anger and preciousness. I hate it when people are precious about shit. You know you can go through life not being petty and immature, right? You can even be funny without it. I've seen just about every columnist I respected who writes for that site have a little hissy fit on Tumblr because someone made some crack about them not being funny, and I'm just sick of it. Grow up. I can go to 4chan for that shit.

:: The X-Factor is going to have a big delay on its live shows? What other reason is there to watch this show than to see Britney Spears act crazy and do something spacey? I mean, honestly?

:: When I was a kid, I almost killed myself in 6th grade. And then I almost killed myself a bunch of other times, but 6th grade was the first time. And it was because of bullying. It seems today that I can't turn around without reading another story about a teenager who has been bullied into killing themselves. I just read another one today. I don't understand what's wrong with kids today that their bullying is so unrelenting and angry. I've seen it happen on Tumblr. I've had people try to pull it on me on Tumblr; it's infuriating, but it's also really hilarious, because I'm way too old to give a shit if some teenager is pissed off about something I said. But having dealt with depression all of my life, I understand how that kind of relentless bullying can be awful. And kids today have to see it online, which should be an escape; when I was a kid and I went to that prison called high school, at least I'd have a few hours at home of being left alone. The internet is such a curse. Now kids can get it 24 hours a day, and they can internalize it, and they can take their own lives because they think they'll never escape the cruel, blunt stupidity of teenagers.

You couldn't pay me enough money to be a teenager again.


Caffeinated Joe said...

Christmas stuff does air a little early, and show up in stores a little early. Ah well, not going to change.

I love Halloween, and always have such plans for the month of posts and then feel short of ideas! Next year... Right? :)

As for being a teen, sometimes I am surprised I didn't try to kill myself in high school. Were the roughest years of my life. And no, couldn't pay me anything to go back and do it again, not unless I could go with the knowledge I have now.

Matt said...

"And kids today have to see it online, which should be an escape; when I was a kid and I went to that prison called high school, at least I'd have a few hours at home of being left alone."

I never thought of it that way, but wow, you nailed it.

MC said...

I don't find the articles at Cracked funny. I've found them interesting and informative, and a lot of the topics they write about are not meant for humor. I guess I've been sheltered in that I don't read the comments or follow any of the writers on social media so I haven't seen them getting pissy about things.

I do think their videos are funny though.

Autumn said...

Ugh, being a teenager in such a smartphone facebooky time would be awful. I was always a weird kid and half the time I feel like I barely scraped by, I cannot imagine surviving if I had to go home and continue to deal with it there. I read a lot to escape which turned out well for me later because reading is still my unwind and relax go to.

Halloween feels like it failed for me this year too. for the last few years we have been hitting up Disneyland the week after Halloween since it's so quiet that week and all the deco and Haunted Mansion stuff is there but we are skipping it this year and I feel like I'm just ready to start organizing this years Christmas music playlist. I'm already looking at gifts and talking about Thanksgiving anyways...not even a pumpkin this year! Maybe I'm just really ready for the Hobbit to come out...