Monday, October 22, 2012

Random Thoughts

This picture has nothing to do with anything, I just thought it was neat and wanted to share it.

:: John Cheese has an interesting column at Cracked this week: the 5 Most Common Errors of First Time Job Applicants. As someone who used to hire people, Becca brought up an interesting point about filling out applications online and on those computer screens that they have at places now to save paper or whatever excuse they use. She pointed out that you get a much more accurate reading of a potential hire's capability when they fill out a paper application, because a computer won't let you forget to fill out sections or misspell things. It also provides lists of possible answers for you, rather than, say, hearing what your interpretation of something is. (And then she went off about those personality tests they make you take, which she says tells a human resources person "virtually nothing" about a potential hire.) I never thought about it like that, but talking to her and reading the column made me think that you do know a lot more about how seriously a person takes a job application by whether they fill it out in textspeak or not.

:: I think the shades are there in Hayden Panettiere's character in Nashville. Seeing the second episode this week, I think she's moving away from the cartoon sexpot cliche and more toward a person who wants to be taken seriously as an artist but isn't sure how to get there. Maybe it's just me. Becca doesn't see it, but Becca doesn't really like or trust women under 30.

:: I like Adele's new James Bond song "Skyfall," but I find it fascinating that the song is basically Chris Cornell's "You Know My Name" from Casino Royale, just with a slower tempo. Otherwise, the beats and flourishes are all pretty much the same. It gives the impression that Skyfall is stylistically the end of a trilogy. Either way, it's the third installment in the rebooted series, so this will probably be where the formula sets in. But I'm still really looking forward to it, more than any other movie this fall.

:: I find Mitt Romney's attempts to make a campaign issue out of whether or not President Obama called the attack on the consulate in Benghazi an act of terror utterly hilarious. This guy has nothing. Vague attacks for a vague campaign from someone who's barely a person. And it's just a constant reminder that this guy has no foreign policy experience and used the death of Americans to try and score political points on the President.

:: So, if we're to put the blame for violence on bad parenting, as Romney's vague non-answer on gun control suggests, what does that imply about Tagg Romney saying he wanted to punch President Obama during the debate?

Something about that whole incident really, really bothered me. I mean, beyond just the quasi-treasonous nature of it and the sense of entitled self-importance. And then I read this comment on the Atlantic: "Yes because a good whippin’ would teach that Obama boy to mind his place."

Yeah. That's what bothered me about it. Fuck's sake. Can you imagine what the White Right would've said if a black man had made that comment about a white man? But to them the idea that anyone who isn't rich and white is a human being is just a joke.

The latest example that everyone's desire to be "in on the joke" supersedes their ability to tell what's stupid. One day you will be as embarrassed by this unfunny "so-bad-it's-cool" fad as you are now about the Macarena. This can't go away fast enough.

:: Best episode so far this season of The Big Bang Theory. Why? Because there was nothing about Penny and Leonard's relationship. The episode remembered it was a comedy, and a funny one. You can't keep going to the "hee hee, they sound gay" well with Raj and Stuart, though. Either let them just be gay or get Stuart off the show. The behind-the-hand tittering is going to grate and become vaguely insulting.

:: The Rude Pundit on President Obama and the way the Right tries to paint him as radically liberal: "Meanwhile, those of us who are actually, really, truly liberal listen to conservatives talk about Barack Obama and think, 'Huh. Are they talking about the same drone missile-sending, warrantless-wiretapping, Romneycare-embracing, tax-cutting, pot grower-arresting, Wall Street banker-protecting, whistleblower-chasing, oil-drilling president that we are?'"

:: Tom Hanks was hilarious on SNL. Too bad Bruno Mars was hosting. Not that I really blame Bruno Mars; it's not like any of the sketches were catching fire. "Bruno Mars does a bunch of impressions" some writer typed, then leaned back in his chair, satisfied with what he had done. But like I ask every time he cameos, when is Tom Hanks going to just host again?


Sleestak said...

Yeah, hope Psy is saving his money. No one says his work is good they couch it in terms of insane and zany. That doesn't last.

Matt said...

Excellent call on the Tagg Romney situation. Michael Moore had a similar take on it.

"If u think America's 'post-racial,' imagine what would happen if Barack Obama had a son who talked about wanting 2 physically attack Romney."