Monday, October 01, 2012

My Top 5 Favorite Halloween Foods

Inspired by Reis O'Brien's list. Here are my four favorite Halloween-exclusive foods (with perhaps one cheat).

5. Franken Berry
I think it makes it more special that General Mills' Monster Cereals are only available around Halloween. I like Boo Berry, too, and to a lesser extent Count Chocula. I still like it, but I've just never been a big fan of chocolate cereal. Though it's probably the best-tasting of the chocolate cereals, for me. (My wife loves Cocoa Pebbles, but I just don't get it.)

4. Spookylicious Pop-Tarts
There used to be two Halloween Pop-Tart flavors; this one, the one they stayed with, was originally called Choc-O-Lantern, and it's damn chocolatey. Every time these come out, they taste so soft and fresh. I don't even eat any other Pop-Tarts anymore; I just wait for these to show up on the shelves in all their richness.

3. Halloween Oreos
I know, they're regular Oreos, just orange. But they aren't. They're better. They're freshly made, and they have more filling. Have you noticed how Oreo has cheaped out with the filling lately? It's this thin, almost begrudging smear of cream between the cookies. Halloween Oreos still have the right amount of filling.

2. Pumpkin Pie
This is the arguable cheat. I guess I could make this at other times of the year with the canned filling they have now, but I like to save it for the spooky season. I will only eat this from late September through Thanksgiving. It's how I keep it a treat to look forward to. We've already made one this year, and it was fantastic.

You know what's odd? As much as I love pumpkin pie, I'm not a big fan of all the pumpkin spice stuff they're putting in seemingly everything now. I like it in coffee and donuts, but brother, stay away from the McDonald's Pumpkin Shake. That thing's like sucking on a fricking Yankee Candle.

1. Jones Gruesome Grape Soda
Okay, look, I know this is basically just Jones Grape (but good luck finding that anywhere today). But these small, limited edition cans were just perfect. Just the right amount at once... yet also completely addictive. I lament these things every year. This was the grapiest grape soda in history. Just... the superlative grape. The grape of my dreams. The perfect purple. Unfortunately, they shoved this stuff out of the way in 2008 in favor of that whole pomegranate fad. Ugh.

Come back, Gruesome Grape. I will be just a tiny bit unfulfilled until you do.

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