Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jack O' Lantern 2012!

It was down to the wire. I admit, I wasn't sure I was even going to get to carve a pumpkin this year. But then Becca passed a farm yesterday offering three pumpkins for five bucks, and she brought some little pumpkins home. And when I say little... well, they're about a foot tall, but they were on the thick side and narrow. It killed my hands carving this thing, and then I couldn't even get my hand inside through the top. Becca helped me with some of the scooping and then we had to light a pencil on fire so we could light the candle inside with it, but god damn it, that pumpkin got carved.

So this is my 2012 jack of the lantern, Danforth Remington de la Guerre. Of the New Orleans de la Guerres. His family was old money in generations past, but now the family is dirt poor. As you can see, Danforth has crossed, Muppet-like eyes. He can only see from one of them anymore, but I'm not going to tell you which one. Look at his dull, unhappy mouth and the scar on his head. Old Danforth was lobotomized years ago. No one can remember why, but I have a feeling that he's got a secret that someone wants him to take to his grave. Look at the way his mouth is strained... he wants to say something, but he can't remember what, and it haunts him to this very day. What did you witness, Danforth? Who wanted to silence you?

Alas, it's not for us to know... Danforth will haunt the night, a flicker of life glowing from within, until he rots in the cold on my balcony. Poor Danforth. The old liveliness is in there somewhere, but one day he just saw too much.

Becca's pumpkin? Amazing, of course.

Whereas my pumpkins are blunt, abstract and tragic, hers are artistic. She's been doing this for several years now, and she's getting better and better. This is clearly her best one yet.

This is an update of a pumpkin she did back in 2008. If you look at the two, you can see how far she's come in her decorative skills. I love how ornate and stylized this one is. My favorite details are the sort of wisps and tendrils from the witch's skirt and hair, whipping in the wind. She managed to get some really nice detail in there. I am absolutely impressed with this. This is some great Halloween here.

And there's another year of jack o' lanterns. Just beautiful.


Kal said...

I am sorry but we ALL can tell who the artist in your family is. I laughed outloud. It's like comparing a Picasso to a retard...and I say that with love.

javis179 said...

Damn that pumpkin has some big boobs!