Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Initial Thoughts on Disney Buying Lucasfilm

1. It's surprising, but also seems inevitable, given how much of an attraction Star Tours is. I think 90% of the theme park advertising I've seen in the last few years has been Darth Vader-related.

2. Damn: Mickey Mouse, Kermit the Frog, the Incredible Hulk and Artoo Detoo all live under the same roof, so to speak. It somehow seems so right.

3. How many inevitable hypocritical fanboy laments will I see? And will they all be from the same people who have wanted nothing more than to take Star Wars away from George Lucas for the past decade?

4. I'll believe this Episode 7 stuff when it actually happens. Though I'm sure Disney wants it more than anything they hope to gain from this purchase, that seems like a long shot. Unless all of this Star Wars TV show preparation has really been development for Episode 7. And I really want George Lucas to be heavily involved. I'm just not ready to see someone else start shepherding the whole thing, unless he's actually ready for that. But seriously, I'm not holding my breath on this one actually happening by 2015. Not that I wouldn't be happy to be wrong...

5. How are we doing on making another Muppet movie, anyway?

6. I like George Lucas. He's one of my heroes. Filmmaking owes him a debt. He changed the very nature, process, and technology of filmmaking. I hope he gets to do what he wants to do and can make smaller, more experimental movies and just tinker around however the hell he wants in his retirement. He's more than earned that. But seeing someone else in charge of the whole thing just makes me feel a little bit like I did when Jim Henson died. Like it's really the end of an era, of an important piece of my childhood. I don't think it's overdramatic to say that.

Still, the Muppets have done a lot of good things since 1990. I'm sure there can be good Star Wars things, too. I'll keep an open mind as a fan.

But wow, does this feel weird.


Hobgoblin238 said...

I am very excited about it.

Kal said...

I never expected it but most things that are taken out of his Lucas' hands - like Clone Wars - turns out pretty well. I look forward to new creative people taking a shot at the Star Wars Universe. I want Mara Jade and the Solo children stories.