Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halloween: My Top 25 Muppet Monsters

25. Gorgon Heap
I wish they'd kept doing that panel discussion from the first season of The Muppet Show. I think Gorgon Heap and Brewster both deserved more of a chance to make it.

24. Boppity
AKA the Blue Frackle.

23. Aristotle
The blind monster from Sesame Street. I don't know why he wasn't on for very long.

22. The Snerfs
 I just find myself hypnotized by the way they move.

21. The Fazoobs
I just think they look so neat, especially that guy in the front. He's sure satisfied about something.

20. Baby Monster

19. The Mutations
They were so big and so fascinatingly dreamlike to me as a kid.

18. Timmy Monster
Look at dat face!

17. Gloat
AKA the Green Frackle.

16. Elmo
Yeah, okay. You've finally won me over, Elmo. I don't hate you anymore. Mainly because Kevin Clash is just so great.

15. The Two-Headed Monster
AKA Frank and Stein.

14. Beautiful Day Monster
Nice seeing him in The Muppets. That made me insanely happy. Someone remembers.

13. Telly Monster
Such a fussy monster. I guess that's why I always related to him.

12. Luncheon Counter Monster
He's just so cool.

11. Boo Monster
Does anyone even remember Little Muppet Monsters? Please?

10. Frazzle
Frazzle needs more play. I work with nonverbal kids who might be cheered seeing a nonverbal monster.

9. Sweetums
Of course.

8. Doglion
This exact moment is one of my favorite sight gags in The Muppet Movie.

7. Big Mean Carl
I hope they let Bill Barretta play a little more in the next movie.

6. Herry Monster
Is he still around on Sesame Street? I really have no idea.

5. Thog
I LOVE Thog!

4. Behemoth
So nice to see him in The Muppets, too!

3. Grover
This entry also happens to be cute.

2. Uncle Deadly
Now THAT'S a maniacal laugh!

1. Cookie Monster
As though it would be anyone else. Cookie embodies the anarchic spirit of the Muppets.


Caffeinated Joe said...

Great list! So many classic monsters here!

DrGoat said...

Looks like you got em all, but I would add Scred, King Ploobis & the mighty Favog from Gorch. (way back on SNL, first season).