Friday, September 28, 2012

TV Report

You know the drill.

:: Okay, so, Castle didn't thrill me, but it didn't make me want to stop watching, either. I really don't know with this show. I wish they'd find a way to reinvent it, or reinvigorate it, or something. Seriously, it can be the same show it was before if Castle and Beckett are together; the will they/won't they garbage has been dragged on for so long that it's become a crutch that the writers can't seem to imagine walking without. Now they're going to keep it secret from everyone? Why? No other reason than to try and milk the last drops from a cow that's been dead for a year. Just let them be together for chrissakes and start remembering that the show used to be fun and clever.

As for the long-simmering "Who Killed Kate's Mom?" storyline, I know it's too much to ask for us to be done with it, but can we just let it go for a good while? I think they've reached an okay plateau with this thing now that they've brought it to the unbelievably silly point of the Mythical All-Powerful Politician. I think we can drop it for now, right? I mean, that was sort-of-almost-satisfying, and they can just let it lie until the character inevitably gets picked to be the new VP of the United States or something.

All in all, better than I thought it would be, but this show has a long way to go to get back in my good graces.

:: I really hope this is the last season of How I Met Your Mother. Not because I think the premise is running out, but because I think the series has run out of steam.

:: I'm very happy that Kat Dennings and her breasts are back on television.

Very, very happy.

I know, I know, the show's stupid, whatever, doesn't bother me. I hate seeing people whine constantly over the wasted potential of blah blah blah they don't have to give a blah about. I just like the two girls. (Beth Behrs and Kat Dennings, not those girls, though they are pretty fanfuckingtastic.)

:: I love Mindy Kaling, but I'm afraid I have to agree with Ken Levine's assessment of The Mindy Project: she's just not a star. She's not a lead. And frankly, I'm not thrilled with the supporting cast of Needlessly Italian Not-Very-Good-Looking Guy and Needlessly British-Pretty-Boy-Who-Can't-Decide-If-He's-Hugh-Grant-or-Hugh-Laurie-So-He-Does-Them-Both-at-Once. The whole thing is occasionally clever but kind of meh. It feels like a show I'd watch on Showtime that would be cute before something else distracted me. I don't see it lasting very long on a network where the expectations are higher. Terrible title, too; I thought that was just a placeholder until they came up with a real title.

Too bad; I just finished reading Kaling's book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) and really liked it. But I'm just not drawn in to the show.

Give Stephen Tobolowsky more to do. Now.

:: I just watched Vegas on a whim, and I actually loved it. It's another one of those high concept shows where the period production design is the real star, but unlike last year's Pan Am and The Playboy Club, I actually made it to the end of the pilot. And I enjoyed the hell out of it. I guess the key is to put Dennis Quaid in a fistfight in the first three minutes. (I seriously love Dennis Quaid, and I especially love him in this kind of taciturn cowboy role.) I'm really looking forward to this one in my regular rotation. I hope they can keep up the quality, because that was just a solid hour of television entertainment.

I also hope there's more Gil Birmingham, I love him. I want to see him and Dennis Quaid kicking ass together.

:: I kind of feel like I should hate Modern Family a little bit, but I still like it. I don't think I love it anymore, but I've been seeing a lot of hate online lately that seems over the top. "Oh God, it's popular and it's so conventional, I'm so angry and pissed off, why can't everything be Arrested Development?" It gets old.

:: Isn't this the last season for Parks and Recreation? I think that would be a good idea. Good as that show can be, it already feels played out. I've expressed that opinion and gotten enough hate for it recently, so hold it in, okay?

:: I really hope they turn Raj and Stuart into a couple on The Big Bang Theory. The potential for that is the only thing that was really interesting on the premiere episode.

:: I admit, I've been watching The X-Factor. They sucked me in with Queen Britney. And it's been totally worth it.

I still love her. I always will. Yeah, yeah, I recognize everything you're saying, but I just love her, especially now that she's made the transition from pop star to full-time icon. I will forgive her all of her inanities because I find her hilarious and adorable. She's like the cool aunt you love when you're 10 because she's totally immature and that's awesome fun when you're 10.

Yeah, that is really 75% of the show for me.

What's surprising about The X-Factor (I'd never watched it before) is that it really is a pretty enjoyable little show. It's totally manufactured and processed to hell; the editing on this show is so ridiculously over-the-top, and the audio sweetening where they play music over the results to leave no emotion unmanipulated (the show is totally telling us how to feel about every contestant and that's that) is completely insane. It's like watching master propaganda. Thank goodness they're only using it to sell Pepsi instead of, say, popularizing the idea of invading a Middle Eastern nation that had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11.

But it's fun in that dorky, pseudo-hip way early MTV was; you know you're being manipulated and pandered to, but it's easy to ignore.

Oh, Britney.

I know these are for the most part insubstantial comments about insubstantial shows, but that's mostly what's on right now. I'd say the Vegas pilot is probably the thing I enjoyed most this week that wasn't Louie.


Kal said...

I just can't do talent shows but damn I think I would love that loopy Britney. I am more of a Survivor/Big Brother guy. Pretty girls making goofy faces. Who knew I had a fetish for it.

On your recommendation I will give Lawless a try. Say what you want about Chickless but he sure tries to do EVERY kind of role. The Sheild was mythical.

Kelly Sedinger said...

I think that the proof of Castle's twists and turns will be in the offing, but I am encouraged by the first episode. There's potential here for a real change to the tone of the Beckett's Mom story, as now she knows who's responsible and the focus will shift on her trying to tie him to it. I think that's actually a more realistic point to reach than had they simply allowed her to find the file, put the guy away, and called it good.

Likewise, I don't have a problem with Castle and Beckett keeping things on the down low for a little while. For one thing they didn't know where the latest developments had left them, and they're both still in a lot of flux. Frankly, not going 'public' right now seems to me the most mature thing they've done lately (even if the show mined it for silly rom-com stuff, but I'm find with the silly rom-com stuff). They don't know really how it's going to work between them, so keeping it on the sly works for me.

Basically, I feel like the show is reaching the point that it should have reached a year ago.