Tuesday, September 11, 2012

MasterChef Observations

So Christine wins. I called that back in June. Freaking June? Okay, I know I keep harping on this, but this show is on way too long. If you desperately want to show 20 episodes of this thing, next time start it the second week of July and let it go four nights a week for five weeks. Momentum is key, and by last night, the drama was long over and my heart just wasn't it. The only time I felt anything at all was when I was irritated by the judges discussing each course. It was extremely annoying to me that Gordon and Graham were talking about Josh's undercooked lobster as though professional presentation and ambition were somehow substitutes for having food that was cooked all the way. Seriously? Jeez, guys, have you ever heard that phrase about polishing a turd? Yeah, because if I'm going to buy a cookbook, the first thing I worry about is whether the food is presented well and ambitious. Actual taste is a tertiary concern at best. Flavor? Bah, don't be so pedantic!

Anyway, the winner seemed pretty predetermined, and good for Christine, even though I never totally warmed up to her. Joe's been obsessed with her blindness since day one, and last night I felt like he was stopping just short of asking her if she ever could sense when the lights were off and how she actually managed to handle herself in bathrooms. It was hard to get to know her as a person and as a talented chef when the show kept reinforcing that we weren't watching a person, we were watching a blind person who was a symbol of overcoming a handicap. I got so sick of MasterChef insisting on what Christine symbolized. I would've liked to have gotten to relate to her as a person with talent, not a blind person with talent which is amazing because she's also blind.

Anyway, I'll have forgotten all about this show in a couple of weeks, except for my pleasant memories of Monti Carlo, and then we'll just do it again next year and it'll go on far too long again.

:: I think the right person won Hell's Kitchen, I guess. I didn't really care about Christina winning so much as I just didn't want Justin to win because his whole "Fight for me because I deserve to win" attitude was very grating. And hey, we got to see Royce in action again. Royce never seems to know where he is or what's going on; he's like a seagull with a head injury, wandering around in a daze and making the occasional squawky noise. Rehab, dude.

Only observation that mattered for me last night: Christina's partner is extremely hot.

Until next year, I guess.

If that all seemed like afterthoughts, well, so did both finales. Seriously, it's almost Halloween, who gives a shit anymore? You've worn out your welcomes.

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Kelly Sedinger said...

I didn't think the problem was too many episodes, so much as lost momentum due to the Olympics and "Hotel Hell". I got all used to two episodes a week of MC and HK, only to have both disappear and then go to one episode each after three weeks. It just really let the air out.

I enjoyed the humanization of Joe Bastianich this year, although his idolatry of Christine got to be a little much..."Blind people put PANTS on? By themselves?!"