Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Film Week

A review of the films I've seen this past week.

Another fun flick; it's different from The Return of the Pink Panther, much more silly and now completely divorced from its mid-sixties oh-so-hip-and-classy origins. Mostly the reason to watch this is for Herbert Lom's wonderfully loony performance as Clouseau's former Chief Inspector. Having been driven completely mad by Clouseau's incompetence in the previous film, he goes all-out super villain in this one. Very much like a Bond film, and you can see the seeds of many Austin Powers bits. ***

UPDATE 9/27: I hope my praise did not somehow doom Herbert Lom...

Cute short about SHIELD, just filling in some bits in the Marvel Movie Universe. Count me in with the people hoping that this is a first look at what the proposed SHIELD TV series might look like, cast and all. ***

Another cute fill-in, this one firmly tying the events of The Incredible Hulk to the rest of the Avengers flicks. This time, count me in with the people hoping that they find a way to bring Agent Coulson back. (Come on, Vision theory!) ***


Kal said...

The very second I saw the sculpture of Coulson as Vision that someone created I was sold on the idea. You would know that Fury would have some kind of gizmo to capture the mind of a valuable asset. He was always a big proponent of robot tech while in SHEILD. How many LMDs are out there thinking they are Fury? It would be a great character arc for Coulson in the trilogy. Infinity Gauntlet anyone?

SamuraiFrog said...

I keep thinking that Iron Man 3 having what sounds like maybe the Mandarin and Thor 2 exploring the Nine Worlds sure leaves an opening to start laying in the groundwork for the Infinity Gems...