Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Martian Sky

That's our planet up there, along with Jupiter and Venus, as seen from the surface of another freaking planet. But sure, media, I guess you can bitch some more about how you don't like Miley Cyrus' haircut.

UPDATE 11:54 AM: Bastards! (Thanks, Bob.)

My point above is the same, but can I just say that it's astonishing to me the amount of fake photos of Mars I've seen going around. Guys, we have actual photographs of actual Mars coming in right now. Isn't that breathtaking enough for you? Or has society really devolved to the point where it only understands things that happen in memes and pop culture-saturated Photoshop jobs? Yeah, the first 8000 pictures of the TARDIS on Mars were kind of half-amusing. But seriously: Mars.

UPDATE 2:33 PM: NASA's Mars page. (Thanks, Chris.)


Bob Rutledge said...

.No, it isn't.

Your point is still valid, though.

Chris said...

Here's your hookup for Mars photos:

If these aren't genuine we have A Serious Problem. ;-)

Kal said...

That is the funniest piece of snark I have heard all week.

Tallulah Morehead said...

The shots of the TARDIS on Mars aren't photoshopped; they're from The Waters of Mars.

I found the first faked shot I saw, inserting Marvin the Martian into one of the genuine shots, funny. But it has now gotten tremendously tiresome.

SamuraiFrog said...

You know, oddly, I haven't seen a single shot from "The Waters of Mars." I find that kind of weird; those images already exist, but people were making their own. Some of them threw in the Enterprise for good measure, because nothing says "I have a pirated copy of Photoshop" like excess.

Vachon said...

There is a picture of Earth as seen from the Martian surface by the Spirit rover. It is taken near dawn or sunset as the rover was solar-powered and had to conserve energy at night. Perhaps since Curiosity is nuclear powered, we will get some fantastic night shots of Mars at night.