Thursday, August 30, 2012

Stop Saying You Built It

Everything I've been seeing from the RNC has made me want to vomit in disgust. I don't even find these assholes funny anymore and I just want them to stop talking. I have yet to hear one actual idea to help America get out of the dire shape we're in. Instead I'm seeing a bunch of assholes assert over and over again that they're somehow fearless pioneers and the sitting aristocracy at the same time. They're angry that a black man can lead the country and say that they owe their good fortune and wealth to the American system without getting a sound thrashing for it. They're angry and scared that a person that should be serving them drinks is stirring up the rabble with his silly-yet-infuriating notions that peasants should have access to such privileges as health care, education, employment, fair wages and, let's be totally honest, self-determination. So the only thing that comes out of the RNC is self-soothing moaning that they're self-made men because they had the incredible intelligence to be born rich and the grit and moral fortitude to inherit their money.

Don't you get it? They're better than you, and they're supposed to have more privileges than you, and they're really, really upset that you won't just accept that like a good little tenant farmer. For the GOP, this election is about saving America for them and their way of life. Not yours. Certainly not. And they're angry that you'd even think it. Look at Mitt Romney when he has to walk among us. He hates us. He hates that he has to suck up to us for votes, and when he gets in office, he'll punish us for having to shake our hands.

Hey, this is America. You have the right to say whatever you want, no matter how fucking stupid and selfish and devoid of ideas it is. But that's as far as it goes. I'm not under any obligation to listen or to take you seriously or to not question you. I just can't stop you from saying that fucking stupid thing you said about how taking over a company, turning it into a profit generator and putting hundreds of Americans out of work is the same thing as building something, or about how hiding your money in offshore accounts so you don't have to pay taxes is the same thing as patriotism.

I can't believe anyone takes these assholes seriously. I can't believe I know so many people on Facebook who actually think they're one of these people, or would even want to be. If this petty thoughtlessness is what you aspire to, it's amazing watching you vote against having the opportunity. I'd ask you why you think it's going to help you get rich to vote so these people can pay less taxes, but then I'd have to talk to you.


A Reader said...

What amazes me is their self-dilusion. They DON'T see themselves that way, and they'd be aghast that you'd suggest it as such. They watch the people speaking at the RNC and are genuinely humbled, amazed, and inspired by these people. It turns my stomach.

Friend Mouse said...

Bravo and thank you. It scares the bejeezus out of me thinking Romney could be our next president. People are idiots.