Saturday, August 18, 2012

Reed Richards Is the Biggest Asshole in Comics

I'm reading through old Marvels again. Here I am, four issues into Fantastic Four and one page into Fantastic Four #4, and I've already had enough of Reed Richards' highhanded style of leadership. I know, I know: what do you expect from a guy who names himself Mr. Fantastic?

My favorite character from the FF has always been the Thing. Of course: he's easy to sympathize with and if there's one emotion I certainly understand, it's frustration. But one thing that's really standing out to me lately is this: no one calls Ben Grimm by his name. Everyone calls everyone else by their first names--Reed, Sue, Johnny--but they're always calling Ben by his code name, "Thing."

So, it's bad enough that he's been literally dehumanized by being turned into this monstrosity, but now he's got Reed Richards calling him "Thing" all the time, like in this rocky form he's not even worthy of having a name. And then Reed is always yelling at him and ordering him around like a helper monkey. Jesus, Reed; first you disfigure him, then you browbeat him, and then you turn him into your servant and take his name away? Give it a rest, you yob. Poor guy can't even masturbate anymore, fer chrissakes. Can you imagine the stress he's under?

I'd be smashing tables and throwing cars around all the time if I were Ben Grimm, too.


MC said...

I like the fact that even on The Venture Brothers, their representation of the Reed Richards character has many of those same qualities and where that inevitably led to was villainy.

SamuraiFrog said...

Yeah, that seems only slightly exaggerated. You can easily imagine it going that way.