Wednesday, August 29, 2012

MasterChef Observations

It was pretty obvious that it was going to be souffle night. Three souffles? That's pretty diabolical. They all looked pretty good, too, but the one I wanted to eat the most was Josh's raspberry souffle. That just looked like a dream.

So, Frank this time. Well, it's too bad, but maybe he doesn't need the boost quite so much. Maybe Josh will snap out of his infantile rage now. That would be nice. The guy I used to like and couldn't wait to see cook has really become a little baby, nursing his sullen anger at Frank for making the exact same choice he would've made during elimination two episodes ago. Dude, he did it to save himself and try to win the competition, not to specifically screw over you. It's like on Hell's Kitchen when someone gets put up for elimination after a real, actual screw-up, and then they leer at the camera about how they're going to get revenge on everyone and they didn't come here to make friends and throwing people under buses and such. How does anything ever get done in our society when everyone's just being a gigantic baby? (Oh, right: nothing does.)

Oh, and can we dial Josh down a bit? "I feel like Gordon Ramsay is my mentor." Oh, jeez. In his mind, there's already this whole legacy where there's Gordon's mentor, then Gordon, and then himself, obviously the next Gordon Ramsay. Come on, man. Just a little humility is too much to ask for from reality TV contestants.

Anyway, I wouldn't mind seeing Josh go in the next round. Christine and Becky is probably a finale I could handle. I guess it comes down to how they're going to set up the next challenge; do they want to make it something Christine can do, or do they want to make it really tough for her? Is her narrative the one they most want to highlight, or will they ultimately do what they do every season and let the white chick win? Or will it really be Josh? All I know is, without Monti Carlo around, it's a whole lot less exciting to me.

One other observation: Graham Elliott must be stopped. For whatever reason, the lipstick is what finally broke me this week. He dresses like a sitcom writer's bizarre idea of a parody of a Japanese TV chef from the 90s, and his pretension was completely unchained last night. That look of thoughtful concentration as he tasted, just, good god. Remember when we liked him for being the one who wasn't so full of himself? Now he's having eight courses of himself and considering what mint sauce will go well with himself for dessert.

:: Hell's Kitchen: Um... jeez, I can't even remember what happened. Just give it to Christina and let's all go home.

:: Hotel Hell: This show could really use an extra hour. It's just everybody getting upset for forty minutes, five minutes of pep talk, everything that goes into rehabbing the business (mostly to do with the restaurant aspect) happens off-camera between scenes, Gordon takes off his clothes and bathes, a dinner service that goes well, and problem solved, buh-bye! It's so arbitrary that it barely happens. There aren't many more of these, right?

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