Wednesday, August 15, 2012

MasterChef Observations

I have to love Frank.

After losing the week's challenge and saying that, hypothetically, he would cook in the elimination because, as team captain, he was ultimately responsible for the loss, he then decided to save himself from elimination. And you know what? I would've done the exact same thing. Here's why. Frank is a pretty stand-up guy (I admire the way he would've given David Martinez rice because, as he rightly pointed out, people should go home on their cooking and not making stupid mistakes that benefit everyone else). But when it comes right down to it, he was the best person on his team. Josh and David couldn't even make the bread for the croque-madame before he bailed them out on his own. Sure, he may be responsible as captain, but the other two dragged him down. It was smart to take the immunity and just go with it.

I'm still calling him to win.

Other observations:

:: Joe fawns over what a good leader Becky was, how wrong he was about Christine's blindness being too big a hurdle in the kitchen, and Monti... Nope, nothing good to say about Monti.

:: I think this week's challenge was pretty lame. This isn't So You Think You Can Line Cook. That's Hell's Kitchen. This competition is supposedly about finding the best amateur home chef and letting them write a cookbook. Boiled down, that's what it is. Eliminating someone with absolutely no experience being a professional line cook on how good a professional line cook they are is not only shitty and cruel, it's not creative. What's next, making them wait tables?

:: Back to Monti: holy fuck, does she look good in blue. Jesus, what a woman. I am going to miss her...

:: At least I don't have to watch David sweating anymore. Good for him for scoring a job with Graham Elliott, though. I was a little amused by the tone, I admit: "Too much garlic! How would you like a job in my restaurant?"

:: No, Wal-Mart does not have the highest quality of steak, and eat shit for saying so. Or eat Wal-Mart steak, same diff.

:: The show's momentum was totally destroyed by taking two weeks off to hide from the Olympics (and for a show that thinks it's as important as the Olympics, or at least the crowning of a monarch, that's pretty damn funny). Hard to get caught up in, which shouldn't be happening with so few people left. The competition should be ramping up, not trotting along lazily. The temperatures here have been down in the 70s and 80s for the last week or so, and college kids are moving in, so it's starting to feel like summer's over and autumn's just starting, and now I'm just feeling a bit annoyed with this reality competition that, without the two weeks off, would probably have been over by now.

Hell's Kitchen had the same problem for me. Hard to get back into. It was nice having Dana in a bikini, though. That was pretty fantastic. But then you realize, jeez, this is 16 episodes in to this show and it just seems to refuse to end. And now it's going down to one episode a week, because why not drag this shit into October and long past the point of caring? Bringing back chefs I barely even remember just helped hammer home the fact that I barely remember who wins or even appears on this show, anyway. It's not like it has a legacy that anyone cares about; it's just a fun diversion in the summer, and one that's been running on fumes for about half of its lifespan, giving us the same formula over and over.

:: Oh, and now there's Hotel Hell, which is somehow the most histrionic of the Gordon Ramsay Fox series to date. Breaking in two didn't really help it; it seems like it could have just been on for two hours and been just as inconsequential. It seems like there was once a time when a show like this would have been about the process of rehabilitating a hotel instead of just yelling at a rich jerk for being such an incompetent snob. That said, the yelling scene that closed out the first episode was glorious in its insanity. The over-the-top Hans Zimmer-style music coupled with Gordon just tearing into that guy jacked everything up into total madness. Why is no one writing an opera about this? It was positively Wagnerian.

Eh, I'll watch Gordon Ramsay do whatever until I get tired of it. I'm just not tired of it yet. The shows could try a little harder but, honestly, does it really matter?

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