Sunday, August 26, 2012

Just Some Random Things

All day yesterday I felt like I'd been poisoned and my guts were rotting out. We also had a sudden problem with gnats in the apartment. Trying to find the source, Becca discovered that there were gnats in the kitchen. Inside a package of bread. Inside. I had a couple of sandwiches the other day. So now I think I know what made me sick. For fuck's sake. Well, there's one supermarket I probably won't be shopping at again... (Not my favorite in town, fortunately.)

:: I would absolutely read One-Eyes. Provided it was still 1978. Today... Let's be honest, I just don't think anyone in comics today could do it and get the tone right.

:: If you're going to take what is clearly quite a lot of time out of your life to draw nude celebrities and post the pictures on the internet, could you please figure out how anatomy works first?

:: The Many Faces of Monti Carlo. (I need MasterChef to end, like, today, because my interest is bottoming out without Monti.)

That look of disgust. That's me when my downstairs neighbors are having a party and then everyone starts singing along to some Beatles song at a quarter to midnight. The quiet summer days are over...

:: I have a new office chair. I bought a chair that was zebra print because it was the best-reviewed chair where I ordered it from and it only came in zebra print. It's pretty comfortable, but having a zebra print chair makes me feel like I hunted David Lee Roth and skinned his pants and made a chair with them.

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Chris said...

The David Lee Roth line totally killed me. :-D