Friday, August 17, 2012

For the Love of All That Is Good, Will Someone Please Make Dave Mustaine Shut the Fuck Up?

Seriously, Dave? Fucking seriously?

Look, I know that Megadeth hasn't been relevant in about 25 years, but is this really the best way to get back into the public eye?

Jesus Christ. You used to be a guy who wrote rocking metal songs about how crazy it is to start wars based on religion. You used to be the smart guy in heavy metal who actually put social commentary into his music about how we were going to all kill ourselves if we didn't just try to get along. Endorsing Rick Santorum was bad enough (um, don't kill for religion, just endorse the politician who wants to bomb the fuck out of Muslim nations?), but this newest bullshit of yours is beyond the pale.

You stood on stage and went on a rant about how President Obama "staged" the gun massacres in Aurora, Colorado, and the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin because he wants to force a gun ban through Congress.

I can't believe I'm even writing that. A human being somewhere actually thinks that. And, for some reason, he actually wants to say that, in public, in front of a live audience. Yeah. That happened.

Someone, please, have a talk with this asshole before he launches into his 9/11 theories or something.

Dave... you total fucking idiot shitbag whiny douche fuckwit entitled pigfucking thoughtless right-wing fundamentalist nutjob shit-for-brains demented shitstain hypocrite son of a bitch asshole. I'm asking you, please, with all politeness, just shut the fuck up. Don't be another fake tough guy like Ted Nugent.

Oh, and 'Stain, don't worry about a gun ban. As much as one might actually help a country where the mentally ill can legally amass a small arsenal in the name of liberty, I don't see enough Congresspersons ever waking up to it. But then, it increases the chances that you or the Nuge might be involved in a gun accident, so it evens out.

(Okay, sorry. That last line went too far. I would never wish death on someone just because they use their Constitutionally-guaranteed right to free speech to say incredibly stupid, dumbass things about conspiracies and guns. I just use my Constitutionally-guaranteed right to free speech to complain about what stupid fucking assholes they are, because that's also how the First Amendment works, despite the current right-wing mindset.)

(Still, if Dave Stain or the Nuge shoot themselves in the thigh by accident, I won't be shedding tears over it.)

(Okay, that probably went too far, too. I won't celebrate it, either. I'll try really hard not to giggle.)

(Also, Nuge is a coward. He literally shit his pants to get out of going to Vietnam. Was he joking about that, like he claims? Personally, I doubt it. It's always the people who are too cowardly to face that kind of thing who end up dressing up in their macho-white-hunter-he-man drag when they're older and know they won't be asked to put up or shut up anymore. It's really easy to be brave when no one's challenging it, isn't it, asshole?)

(Seriously, though, Dave Mustaine: go fuck yourself.)


Drake said...

He must be on Heroin again...a total waste of space.

Roger Owen Green said...

good thing he's irrelevant...

MC said...

The thing that boggles my mind (aside from the obvious stupidity of the statements) is the fact that Megadeth made the video 99 Ways to Die which is about gun violence and features lots of statistics about them.

At what point did he go from supporting that message to this particular one?

Sleestak said...

All rebels sell out when they get old