Sunday, July 22, 2012

Song of the Week: "Tomorrow Is Today"

A beautiful tune from Billy Joel's underrated debut album, Cold Spring Harbor. The album appeared in 1971; the lyrics here are based on a suicide note he wrote when he tried to kill himself by drinking furniture polish. In 1970. Just the year before. This is a perfect example of why Billy Joel has always been comfort music for me: he writes beautiful songs, often in the pop single mode, about self-loathing, unobtainable desires, and just how hard life can be in general and how easy it is to become disgusted with yourself as a result. Chuck Klosterman once said something along the lines of not liking Billy Joel as a pop star because Billy never made him see a pop star or something to aspire to: "the only thing he's ever made me see is me." That's exactly what's so amazing about his music to me.

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