Sunday, July 01, 2012

Song of the Week: "Out in the Country"

Three Dog Night is a group I've always been pretty ambivalent about. Some pleasant tunes, but nothing I would purposely reach for, you know? I heard this song last week, and I'd never heard it before. What's funny about it is that Becca and I just recently listened to a Three Dog Night hits collection from 1975, and this song--which apparently went to number 15 in 1970 (but eclipsed by that year's number 1 hit "Mama Told Me Not to Come")--wasn't even on it. Which is a shame, because this song is fantastic, maybe the best, prettiest Three Dog Night song I've ever heard. That refrain just goes straight through my and affects me somehow. So I decided to look it up the song and, lo and behold, it was written by Paul Williams and Roger Nichols! Another Paul Williams gem that just bypasses everything and hits me straight inside. What is it about this man and the way he's always been able to move me? Is it because I saw The Muppet Movie when I was too young to even remember seeing it for the first time? Damn, Paul. You got me again. I love this song.


Roger Owen Green said...

I have a 2 CD 3DN greatest hits album, and it is most certainly on there. Listened to it this past month.

Vachon said...

I've noticed that a lot with hits collections. I can only guess it was a cynical ploy back in the pre-mp3 days to get you to buy even more albums. Always that one good song which was missing. It took me forever to find a Sam Cooke best of with "Another Saturday Night" on it. At least now I can buy the missing song and burn a new best of CD for myself.

SamuraiFrog said...

I think it's possibly that with running times being what they are on vinyl, they left it off in favor of hits that were bigger. I'm not really well-versed in 3DN, and maybe everything else on the record just charted higher. If so, that would be one of those bizarrely rare cases where a greatest hits album actually included the greatest hits.