Thursday, July 26, 2012

MasterChef Observations

The funniest thing about this week's episodes were the titles: "Top 6 Compete, Part 1" and "Top 6 Compete, Part 2." Except on Monday they had the last 8 people to get eliminated come back to compete to get back on the show, and then on Tuesday it was the now Top 7 competing and one got eliminated. Can't wait for Monday's "Finally, Top 6 Compete."

So we had to sit through another hour of Ryan, and of course it was down to him or Josh, even though Stacey was obviously better than Ryan. It should have been Stacey and Josh; she really challenged herself and came through. But this is that point in these shows where they start shaping the final narrative arc while trying to keep the illusion of reality competition going. Ryan's return had everyone stressed out, and that's the whole point of that little plot device. The problem with the boy is that he is just chemically designed to piss me off. Every dumb face he makes, every word he speaks in that monotone, every time he tries to explain food to Gordon, every time he fucking calls himself "the Flavor Elevator." (Four times. I counted. He's desperately hoping someone at Food Network is watching and wants to get in on the ground floor.)

So now Josh is back and whatever that means. He doesn't seem any better or worse; he's just as inconsistent as he always was, so this doesn't really add to the excitement. He seems like he's on the bottom tier of the new Top 6.

Sorry to see Felix go when David clearly deserved it.


:: I'm digging Frank more and more. He's a little arrogant, but his confidence is infectious and I like his sense of fairness. Arguing that he would've given rice to David if he'd had it because David doesn't deserve to go home for his mistake, he deserves to go home "for his terrible cooking," is the kind of thing I'm totally behind. I hate it on Hell's Kitchen when someone goes home because of some dumbass challenge that has nothing to do with working in a restaurant.

:: Right now, I'm calling Becky and Frank for the final two. I hope they go with Frank. He seems more marketable, right? Less impressed with himself than she is with herself, anyway. (Seriously, we don't need to cut to her phony opinion on everything that happens. Let someone else talk. Even if it has to be David, just anything to cut the Becky down.)

:: The judges seemed way too impressed with Becky's grilled prawns, by the way. We get it, she's the pet.

:: Nothing really to say about Hell's Kitchen this week, except that I'm glad Kimmie's gone home. Frankly, you could also send the entire blue kitchen home, if you wanted to.

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Kelly Sedinger said...

Yeah, Becky and Frank are looking likely for the final. My heart will crack when Monti leaves, though. Love her!

I, too, was perplexed by David's survival this week. He didn't merely cook a bad dish, he committed an error of disastrous proportion.