Tuesday, July 10, 2012

MasterChef Observations

I am loving Monti Carlo so hard right now. How many times are we going to see people try to take her down, only to have it completely backfire on them?

Last night, Felix slid into the villain role with more finesse than Ryan or Becky, but she failed just as badly as those two at trying to eliminate the real competition. It's gone from hilarious to sadly predictable that these plans are never going to pay off. Felix did what everyone does: tries to give the people they like something easy (which they screw up), tries to give the people they don't like something hard (which they knock out of the park), and then decides not to do something easy and "challenge themselves" and turns a huge advantage into a disaster. Felix got bitchy, and it blew up in her face. Hasn't anyone figured out how this works?

It's kind of funny to listen to everyone putting each other down when the judges ask them who's going home. They're all in this open room and they can all hear each other. I really don't understand how someone like Becky can stand there and put someone down knowing that that person can clearly hear everything they're saying. It's too rude even for me. But I adored Monti's assertion that Becky could "kiss my Puerto Rican ass" and later, when everyone was saying Monti wasn't a real chef, that she was going to win just to prove a point. I hope she does.

Look, I get it. I do. Monti totally rubbed me the wrong way when this show started. It all looked like rockabilly shtick to me. But she's turned out to be more of a fighter than I thought she would be, and it turns out she has really good cooking instincts. I think when we see Becky and Felix and Christine and everyone else deriding her as "just" a mom who cooks for her kid like a cartoon single parent, they're really just covering for the fact that they know she's a talent to be reckoned with. Obviously, because she keeps shining through it. Look, it's okay to just say "I don't like her because she rubs me the wrong way." It would be more honest than this bullshit about "This isn't about who's the best mom who can memorize recipes and cook on a budget." Just shut up for a minute, Becky, and listen to how stupid you sound. Trash talking just makes people look like assholes.

Team Monti, all the way. And maybe it's a cliche because I always seem to root for the person who's getting unfairly dumped on the most. But I do love to see the haters get fucked in the ear.

Some other observations:

:: Joe Bastianich's takedown of Tali was a long time coming and completely accurate. It was past time for him to leave. He was at his douchiest last night, too, talking about his "genius explosion" and his continuing assertion that the judges are too "old school" to appreciate "the genius that's in front of them." If Tali half-asses his music the way he half-asses his cooking, woe to the audience that has to listen to him try and remember how to play a third chord in the Barnes & Noble cafe. Watching him try to lecture Gordon Ramsay on how to cook fish was just stunning.

:: Those sea urchins were pretty. On the outside.

:: I'm still hoping to see Josh emerge as a front runner. I think he's on his way, but the show is focusing much more on Becky, who is still insufferable. She has the same problems as Tali, she just has the talent (usually) to back up the stupid shit she says. (Seriously, Monti's a mom, so let's not take her seriously at all, but Becky seems to think being a food photographer is practically the same thing as being a chef. Yeah. I wear sneakers. Doesn't make me a marathon runner.)


Anonymous said...

Haha! Love the sneaker/runner comparison; it’s just like stepping into a garage doesn’t make me a car. The only person I really think is humble and talented both, is Christine, but she’s not getting a lot of air time…until she has to cook a sea urchin! Great job girl! This is one of the shows my Dish co-worker and I watch when he comes over each week, and we’re both hoping she wins. We love that now we can watch more shows in one evening too because we can watch commercial free with Auto Hop on my PrimeTime Anytime recordings. That means I get more of what I enjoy, TV shows, not commercials.

Flint Lockjaw said...

Spoiler Alert!
Monti doesn't win. She's a DJ now in Phoenix AZ.