Sunday, July 15, 2012

Man of Steel Teaser Poster

I'm usually kind of annoyed by the trickle of teaser posters that come out of San Diego Comic-Con (like I'm going to wet my pants over a logo on a black poster; show a little dignity, fellow geeks), but I like this one. It's moodier than I would expect from a Superman movie, and they decided to go with black instead of yellow for the logo, but I'm still very intriguerested by what this movie is going to end up being. I know some people are bitching about the sort of mail-like patterning on the costume, but for me that's completely inconsequential to the plot, tone and execution of the movie. Put all the nipples on the batsuit you want, okay? Just give me something I can watch and enjoy and won't haunt me for years afterward with how much I dislike it. Like The Dark Knight, in which Batman uses rendition to kidnap a foreign citizen and wiretaps the phones of private citizens but is still a hero. Maybe in the new one he'll use drone strikes, too.

Anyway, interesting poster. I hope the movie ends up being not Superman Returns.

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Revolverkiller said...

i like texture but his suit looks uncomfortable