Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Andy Griffith 1926-2012

I have never seen The Andy Griffith Show.

I know of it, of course. Familiar with the theme song. Scene clips here and there. It used to be on in reruns on one of my local channels when I was a kid, but something else was on at the same time and I used to watch that instead (some other rerun; I watched a lot of reruns as a kid).

I like Andy Griffith. Always have. I like his monologues and his singing. He did, bar none, my favorite versions of "The Midnight Special" and "Go Tell It on the Mountain." In the past year or so, I've been very impressed by his performances in No Time for Sergeants and A Face in the Crowd. I loved him in Waitress. I even dig him on Matlock, a spectacularly silly show that my wife inexplicably loves.

But it's very odd to me that I should like him so much, see the reports of his death today, and just suddenly think, you know, I've never seen The Andy Griffith Show. (It's been streaming forever on Netflix, and I should really just turn it on.)

Thanks for everything, Andy. Even the stuff I haven't gotten to yet.


Roger Owen Green said...

There's an episode where Opie (Ron Howard) accidentally kills a bird, and Andy Taylor talks to his son in a way I wish my father had spoken to me.

Caffeinated Joe said...

Roger's episode mention is a good one. I also like when Andy and his gal got trapped underground and found their way out the other side of the hill. Barney had organized a huge search and rescue mission and instead of just showing up and telling everyone they were safe, Andy and the lady go back into the hill so Barney can rescue them and not feel like a fool for overreacting. Just good ways to be a human. Mr. Griffith shall be missed, as Sheriff Taylor is.

DrGoat said...

Guarantee you'll like the show. Compassion, kindness and humor. Something missing from just about every show they produce today.